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Thread: Help! One of our tanks may be doing it wrong...

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    Help! One of our tanks may be doing it wrong...

    I'm coming here for advice regarding one of the more active tanks in my guild. My guild's a pretty casual 10-man guild, but we like to do things right when it comes to skill/gear. This guy however... is making some questionable choices in his gear just to keep set bonuses and to stack block value to the sky. He's a good player and quite skilled, but I really don't know why he is keeping some of the gear he is. (I'm the guild leader/a tank healer, and keeping this guy up in Icecrown requires me to ride my cooldowns like my life depended on it.)

    Here's his armory: Armory Lite - The WoW Armory Alternative: Anonymous Profile
    (Using Armory Lite's Anonymous profile to preserve his privacy/dignity)

    Let me just say that this guy has run enough heroics and such to warrant the purchase of many things... that he hasn't picked up at all. In fact, I used to chain run them with him as well, so he could actually have upgrades RIGHT THIS SECOND, yet he hasn't taken them.

    The first thing you'll notice is he's keeping the 2pc 25man Ulduar set bonus: 10% crit to devastate. And while it may FEEL nicer than a -10sec cd on Shield Block, wouldn't getting the T9 4pc practically give him a few free casts of shield block throughout most fights? He is in LOVE with that 2pc from Ulduar. Yes, a 10% increased chance for dev to crit is nice, but his threat is completely fine and no one really rides his ass. Not to mention, the effective health he'd gain from upgrading these two pieces is nothing to sneeze at in the big picture.

    Then you'll see that most of his pieces have block value, but most of those pieces also have direct upgrades that are easily obtained (badges, icecrown heroics). I've done a lot of research on this myself, but this quote summed it up quite well:

    Shield Block [value] probably will give you the least bang for your buck since the only abilites it will effect is Shield Slam and the Damage Shield talent. Still, it's really cheap and pulls double duty as a mitigation stat, so it's probably OK to mix in 1-2 pieces of gear with BV on it, never take Block [value] over better threat stats though.
    Is this incorrect? It seems like a lot of the guides and FAQS here value it as one of the lower-priority mitigation stats, but please correct my assumption if I'm wrong. Either way, he is actively NOT equipping upgrades to retain a high block value.

    He is also 2.21% over the hit cap, because we are alliance and have goats.

    According to some research done by myself and some officers, we've come up with some possible changes to his gear. Please, please help and provide insight to whether we are on the right track!

    Helm: Replace his Ulduar25 hat with 245 Helm (has delicious expertise).
    Neck: Fossilized Ammonite Choker - Item - World of Warcraft is an easy to obtain upgrade
    Cloak: Replace 16 Defense Enchant with 225 Armor, consider Eerie Runeblade Polisher - Item - World of Warcraft as an alternative.
    Chestpiece: Replace ul25 chest with T9.
    Gloves: Replace 219 uld10 gloves with T9 for completion of 4pc. Consider armor enchant to gloves instead of threat/parry.
    Belt: Not quite sure if there is a togc/icc/heroic dungeon drop that can replace this.
    Boots: Replace with Black Spire Sabatons - Item - World of Warcraft
    Ring 1: Replace with 245 Badge Ring (armor and def traded for exp/like 5 stam)
    Weap: Use Rimefang's Claw (which he has...) instead, to get expertise bonus as human and to trade block value for dodge instead.
    Shield: 18 Stam Enchant.
    Trinket1: Glyph of Indomitability to replace Essence of Gossamer.

    General Gains: More stam, more armor, dodge, expertise, -10sec cd reduction on Shield Block
    Losses: 10% crit to devastate, shield block, extra hit that he doesn't need

    Is our advice on the right track? The officers and I feel that that he is stacking the wrong stats and bonuses for a selfish perceived benefit of seeing larger shield slam numbers and a small set bonus. Please let me know if we're wrong or any other tips you may have. Thanks!

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    Spiked Deathdealers > Black Spire Sabatons FYI. Armor and EH are king in ICC. Shield block is being phased out... Look at the ICC drops, notice anything missing?

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    Yeah, Spiked Deathdealers are great, but I was thinking for immediate cheap options the Black Spires would be easier to obtain.

    But besides that, are you saying we're on track with our thought process/gear recommendations, Malleus?

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    I'd say you're exactly on the right track as far as your thinking. The only thing I'd amend is that the set bonuses on T9 really aren't that great, and if he can get offset pieces, he might be better off, unless you can grab the trophies to make him some T9.5

    Everything else you've said I think is exactly right.

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