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Thread: Triumph pick order, still in tier 7

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    Triumph pick order, still in tier 7

    I am currently farming emblems of triumph to catch my gear up to the rest of content. I already snagged the clutch, which was an easy choice as it replaced the only blue I had left. After that, I'm a little unsure. I've seen Veneretio's list, which makes sense. My question concerns his low ranking of the T9 chest piece and hands, which he says are good pieces, but small upgrades over the T8 stuff he expects you to have. I do not, however, have T8 in these slots, so I'm wondering if they'd be a higher priority for me.

    Here is my armory link:

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    I would say get the non-Tier Shoulders and Helm, those are you two biggest upgrades for the most part.

    Also run the new ICC Heroics as much as you can, a fair amount of tank gear in there.
    Run H Pit of Saron and H Halls of Reflection for your weapon.
    Run Reg Halls of Reflection for your Shield.

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