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Thread: Malakhai's UI

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    Malakhai's UI



    I've tried to keep this installation as light weight as possible. I've included only the addons that are essential to the look and raiding functionality of my UI. My UI is set up for 1680x1050 widescreen resolution. If you do not play at this resolution it will require more work on your part to make it fit your screen. I highly recommend using the Curse client to keep all addons up to date. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask.

    Bagnon - Collects all bags (inventory, bank) and organizes them into one, easy to manage window.
    Bartender4 - Replaces the default action bars allowing more customization options for many UI elements.
    Bigwigs - Timers and warnings for instance encounters.
    CBH Viewport - Allows the creation of letterbox blank space at the top and bottom of your screen. These boxes do not cover up your viewable playfield, rather, they resize it creating blank space to put your UI elements to keep your playfield free of obstructions.
    Chatlink - Allows item linking in custom chat channels
    Cowtip - Replaces the standard tooltip window.
    DBM (Core and SpellTimers) - Shows cooldown timers for raid cooldowns such as: battle rez, divine guardian, pain suppression, etc.
    Errormonster - Gets rid of the red error message spam (Skill not ready yet, etc) at the top of the screen. Integrates with MikScrollingBattleText.
    Grid (+addons) - Replacement Raid frames. Displays useful information such as raid target icons placed on players as well as raid debuffs placed on players (snobold, incinerate flesh, penetrating cold etc etc).
    Itemrack - Allows you to set up equipment sets and swap between them with the push of a button.
    MagicTargets - HP display for all current hostile units targetted by any member of the raid group.
    MikScrollingBattleText - Replacement for the default scrolling combat numbers above units heads.
    MinimapButtonFrame - Collects all the buttons from around the minimap and displays them in their own customizable frame.
    Obituary - Quick, one line death summary spammed to chat frame when raid member dies.
    Omen - Threat meter
    OmniCC - Puts numeric cooldown timers on your action bars.
    oRA3 - CTRA replacement, adds functionality to your raid window. Mostly useful for raid leaders.
    Prat - Chat window customization
    Quartz - Customizable cast bars
    RatingBuster - Adds lots of very useful information to item tooltips on mouseover.
    Recount - Raid statistics (damage done, dps, healing done and much more)
    SatrinaBuffFrame - Very customizable bars for showing buffs/debuffs on various units.
    Shadowed Unit Frames - Unit frames. Used in this UI only for Player, Target and Target of Target frames.
    SimpleRaidTargetIcons - Allows easier target marking in raids/instances.
    Squeenix - Allows minimap to be moved as well as other minimap customizations.
    Tidy Plates Threat Plates - Replacement Nameplates that change size/appearance according to your current threat standing with each specific unit.
    TitanPanel - Places bars at the top and/or bottom of the screen to display helpful information (gold, location, durability, loot type, etc.).
    Utopia - Allows more easily referenced tracking of player-applied debuffs on raid targets.

    1. Remove or rename your "Interface" and "WTF" folders in your WoW directory.

    2. Extract the contents of MalakhaiUI.zip to your WoW directory.

    3. In the newly created "WTF" folder you will need to rename "ACCOUNTNAME" to your account name (all caps), "Server" to your server name and "Character" to your character's name.

    4. Log in to WoW. You may receive errors about addons that no longer exist. Simply click 'delete' to prevent them from trying to load again.

    5. Type /bt4 to open the bartender option window. Go to "Profiles" in the menu and, in the "Copy From" box, select "Malakhai - Blackhand".

    6. Type /shadowuf to open the Shadowed Unit Frames options window. Under the "General" menu selection on the left, click the "Profiles" tab on the right. In the "Copy From" dropdown box select Malakhai.

    7. Right-click the TitanPanel bar at the top of the screen. Go to Profiles>Manage>Blackhand>Malakhai>Load.

    8. Open your Game Menu (Esc) and go to "Interface" then the "Addons" tab. Going down that list you will need to:

    • Bagnon: no action needed
    • Big Wigs: no action needed
    • CBH Viewport: no action needed
    • ErrorMonster: no action needed
    • Magic Targets: no action needed
    • MikScrollingBattleText: no action needed
    • Minimap Button Frame: Go to profiles and copy from Malakhai - Blackhand
    • Obituary: no action needed
    • Omen: Go to profiles and copy from Malakhai - Blackhand. You may need to type /omen toggle to show the omen window.
    • OmniCC: no action needed
    • oRA3: no action needed
    • Prat: Go to profiles and copy from Malakhai - Blackhand.
    • RatingBuster: Go to profiles and copy your class profile.
    • Recount: Go to profiles and copy from Malakhai - Blackhand. You may need to type /recount show to show the recount window.
    • Satrina Buff Frames: Clicking this will bring up a new window. Select "Global Options" at the bottom of the window then copy from Malakhai - Blackhand. Note that a few of the bars I have set up are tracking strictly Warrior-specific abilities. I strongly suggest taking the time to look through the filters set up for each bar and tailoring them to your needs.
    • Squeenix: no action needed
    • Tidy Plates: Threat Plates: no action needed
    • Titan Panel: no action needed
    • Utopia: no action needed

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    Great UI!, but the second Download link is pointing to MaliceUI instead of your UI

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    Thank you, guess I missed changing that one when I copy/pasted from my old thread.

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    idk what i did wrong but its not showing any name besides my own in the profile box for any addon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thraze View Post
    idk what i did wrong but its not showing any name besides my own in the profile box for any addon
    That probably means you copied the WTF folder wrong.

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    First off, this is a fantastic UI... very clean and very functional. Thanks for sharing it!

    I do have a few small nagging problems with it that I hope you can help me with. First, there is a cast bar that is kind of hidden behind the Target unitframe that I can't find out how to move. I've tried disabling Quartz to see if that got it, but it did not. Any ideas?

    Second, at the WoW log in screen there is a drop down menu with 2 character names in it, neither are mine. Do you know what controls this so I can remove it?

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    If the cast bar you're seeing isn't quartz I'd have to imagine it's something from Shadowed Unit Frames. I haven't been using SUF for too long so I can't really say what it might be. I've tried installing my UI on a fresh char and never noticed anything like what you describe. If you can't figure out what it is, a screenshot of what you're seeing would do wonders to help me identify for certain which addon is at fault.

    The login screen being populated was an oversight. I'll edit that out in a future revision. To take care of it yourself open your Config.wtf file (located in the WTF folder) with a text editor. Find and delete the line "SET accountList" and the drop-down box should be gone the next time you log in.

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    Well it turns out that the cast bar was indeed from Quartz. Odd that it didn't turn off when I disabled the addon while in game. The login screen is now back to normal as well. Thanks for your help!

    One other thing that I noticed was your toons were showing up in Bagnon (recording how much gold and how many items you had in your inventories). Clicking the portrait icon in the top left of the bag and then removing them fixed that though.

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    Great UI, tried it out last night, i love it so far! One small issue is that the Quartz casting bar has no text, its just a sliding casting bar but i cant see any text associated with the cast. now, i've never use Quartz before and i scrolled through the options, i didnt see anything to fix this. any thoughts?

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    I'm not sure why the text wouldn't be showing up for you. As long as all the bars are in the correct position (directly above their associated unit frame) we can be reasonably certain that you're using my profile which definitely has text on all castbars, at least on my install.

    There are options to enable/disable the text on the castbars. After selecting the castbar from the left menu you will find a checkbox in the right pane to toggle the text on or off.

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    i'll check that out tonight, thanks. i def. have you profile loaded though. everything else seems to be working correctly but that... i'll dig some more though

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    Hopefully you got it figured out. Another thought I just had though in case you didn't; it could possibly be a font issue. Font selection is right next to the check-box for showing/hiding text. If show/hide didn't do it for you, try changing to a different font.

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    actually, i downloaded this ui on my desktop which is a different resolution, i just couldnt figure out the placement / functionality of the all Quartz bars that were goingon, so i shut them off for now. currently i'm tweaking the frames to my liking but all in all, works great.

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