We've had a recent surge in some behaviours that are counterproductive here, so I'd just like to take a moment to have a monitor-to-monitor with you all about some very no-no behaviour that has been becoming a disturbing trend recently:

- Yes, we have girls here. Leaving lewd and stalker-like messages in PMs and profile comments is sad. Using the "Contact" button to ask personal questions about female members is downright creepy (Not to mention that Penlowe is the one who reads those messages, and how the hell does she know random details about other female members here? Use the big head.) We have a zero tolerance policy for this sort of thing, and it's about the fastest way you have to get to an IP ban that leaves you without even anonymous access to this site.

- Consider this scenario: You get an infraction or a nice warning PM from a moderator (because you violated the posting rules that you probably didn't bother to read). An honest question to understand why you were moderated, no problems. Or, you come back with "OMG YOU F-TARDS" and you get banned. Simple.

Given the number of posts in the wrong places lately, not a lot of you are reading the site rules. Now would be a good time for that:

In short, these are not the WoW forums. You have no inherent right to be a member here, and your continued ability to participate in discussions depends on you playing nice and following the rules. You can read anonymously just fine if you cannot follow the rules. If you keep being an idiot, we'll ban your IP and you won't even have anonymous access to the site.