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Thread: Fury Warrior - Help

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    Fury Warrior - Help

    Afternoon all.

    This is my first post after looking through endless threads and watching all kinds of tuts for maximising dps as a fury warrior.

    The biggest thing that is letting me down and also doing my head in is gemming my gear. 10man raids i generally do around 5k on boss fights and anything over 10k on trash. But sometimes i struggle to get to 5k on boss fights and even less on Heroic Training dummies.

    The training dummies i always go unbuff to try and get the best out unbuffed as when im in a 25man raid fully buff this should be alot higher.

    I believe i have the basics of 8% hit rating and 26 exp, but not quite sure which stat to stack is best.. Some say arp some say str.. while i thouhgt str and crit were best.

    I have an arrange of trinkets which i am playing with. From the Needle- Encrusted Scorpion to DC-G also the Whipering fanged skull.

    I need help to find out what the best gems are to put and also the best enchants..

    I have read alot of other posts from fury warriors pulling 7-8k dps on boss fights and yes this comes alot from gear. Can you or someone have a look at my spec and tell me what i am doing wrong?

    Thankyou if you can help.

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    First thing, you have too much hit, you only need 5% with fury as long as you talent 3/3 Precision (which you should). Get rid of the hit enchant on your gloves and replace with +44 ap, you could also look into a different neck if you have one available as you don't need that hit. (extra hit isn't a bad thing necessarily, less chance for a white hit to miss, but if you have something better or equal for that slot with no hit, then use it).

    As far as gemming, normally rule of thumb is, if you can reach 100% ArP with a trinket proc (which you have the needle) then do it, but that requires ~52% passive ArP and i'm seeing you around 20% passive ArP at the moment but factoring in how many gem slots you have, you could reach the passive amount needed to be softcap with a trinket proc. That would require almost every socket you have being plugged in with +20 ArP so before you change all your gems try using a spreadsheet like Landsoul's or Rawr to see if it would be better for you.

    Don't use all crit/str gems like you are, you'll see more of a boost out of stacking pure +20str gems if you don't decide to go the ArP route (I personally go the ArP route and use a trinket to get me to 100% on proc, but I also have enough ArP from gear that I only need 2x ArP gems to get to ~52% and I stack the rest +20str, and thats with just picking up gear from icc and toc/togc on offspec rolls as im normally a main tank in my guild). Only use the hybrid ones if you can get a socket bonus of +6 or +8str with one of them.

    Get rid of that 21crit/3%crit meta and get the 21agil/3% crit one. Your current one requires 2 blue gems while the agil/crit one only requires 1 of each color, so you can throw a nightmare tear in the helm along with your new meta and then stack +20str in every other slot.

    Enchant your bracers with +50 ap.

    Your spec looks pretty good. The only thing i'd suggest is take that 3/5 out of Enrage as it's more of a pvp talent and do 5/5 Unbridled Wrath and 2/2 Improved Execute as Execute will be your filler attack when a boss is <20% and WW and BT are on cd with no slam procs.

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    Fury Warrior Help

    Thanks heaps for the tips..

    I went and changed a few things on my Char - also went back to a 4set bonus.. Made sure i was hit/ exp capped. Changed some talent points and done 7.8k 2.4million damage on Festergut 25man.

    Also went the way of stacking armour pen, now i have around 45% passive and when NES procs ill sit around 96% and i have already begun to notice the output of damage.

    Over the coming weeks ill be saving my frost badges for the t10 which has alot of arp on it which i will replace with strength gems..

    Thanks for the help.


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