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Thread: ICC and Fury DPS v.movement

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    ICC and Fury DPS v.movement

    With as much movement is involved in the ICC fights, have the Boot speed enchants come back into usefulness DPS wise? Fights like putricide and Rotface have you running a lot, and I would assume that getting back to the boss faster would be a bigger increase in DPS than Icewalker have been on the myriad of stand here and stab fights of yesteryear?

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    My belief is that any raider (of whatever class) worth their salt will have runspeed on boots (apart from ret/prot pallies, maybe holy too) because it gets you out of the 'fire' quicker and back into position quicker as well.

    There was some crafting done by the EJ enh shamans I believe that said if you have to move more than 6 seconds per minute then runspeed yielded higher DPS due to greater on target time.

    Runspeed in some form can be very useful in PvE encounters even if the movement requirements seem very light.

    Current Facts:
    - Icewalker is ~20 dps more then Cat's Speed
    - Icewalker is ~25 dps more then Tuskarr's Speed

    From those facts we can derive roughly how much time has to be spent in motion per encounter for runspeed to be more dps then the alternatives.

    So for a shaman outputting 5000dps on a 5 minute encounter they will have to spend at least 15 seconds in motion for Cat's Speed to be superior to Icewalker.

    For this reason it is recommended that raiding shaman keep two pairs of boots. One pair with some form of runspeed and one pair with either an Icewalker or a Greater Assault or (if they are an engineer) a Nitro Boosts enchant. That way the proper boot enchant to use can be determined by the encounter.
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    Honestly I found putting that one point into Heroic Fury was much more effective than runspeed. The only times runspeed seems better is Heroic Icehowl and possibly Marrowgar, although HF is great for being able to zip out to the hunter who is impaled (why is it always a hunter?). Runspeed still helps, though. I may go back to using Cat's Swiftness, depending on how later fights are in the instance.

    On Rotface if you get Infection you can usually pop to Defensive (which you should anyway to lessen dmg) and Intervene the Kiting Tank (make sure he is ok with this obviously, he'll lose threat), get dispelled & drop your slime, let it merge, then Intercept back to Rotface. Or if there's a small slime already up, just Intercept it and then HF and Intercept Rotface (or Intervene a Healer in the middle).

    I haven't had a chance to do Putricide yet, but it looks like HF would excel again since you can Intercept the adds to move around quickly.

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    I put runspeed on my boots for Putricide. It's amazing.

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