Okay, I'm completely new to the website so first up hi!

I want to make a few things clear (sorry if this makes my post a little lengthy) but I have currently quit WOW. Basically, I got really busy with work for a while, then when I came back my guild was folding to move on to different games / whatever.

*BUT* I'm considering coming back and leveling to tank for the heck of it while waiting for cata. I'm considering just going horde side, power leveling to 80 and just running a few 5 mans for something to do. I haven't tanked in a while, basically on my DK I tanked naxx and some of ulduar (yeah... that long ago!) so I have a few questions.

1. I hear people say that DK's are still cooldown tanks, but it seems to me that DK's are now not so much cooldown tanks. With lichborne for example being removed, IBF having its cooldown lengthened... is that accurate or am I (most likely) completely wrong?

2. How hard is it realistically to gear up as a tank now with badges? I will be honest, I am a pretty decent tank (when I was doing it) and am happy to do research on the best way to go, but I'm talking about starting out. Is it a case now where there is cheap armor / bits and bobs available from auction as well to help out. When I quit almost everything apart from the worst blues were really expensive (to be fair, it may have been my server).

3. Is it worth coming back now? I really do miss wow. I can't help but think though maybe holding out till cata is released is the better option.

I'm sorry if any of these questions are stupid, or noob. I'm completely holding my hand up and admitting that I'm out of touch with a lot of wow, and I've done a bit of reading over the past few days but still can't quite come to a decision.

Appreciate your time in reading this (if you still are)