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Thread: Confused completly Warrior DPS i need of advice

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    Confused completly Warrior DPS i need of advice

    OK guys I appreciate the time taken to read this.

    I have a fer concerns but for today DPS

    Im here asking for help Im not sure if im doing enough DPS for the TOC or ICC encounters, this is my armory The World of Warcraft Armory - Armageddor @ Skullcrusher - Profile

    Im currently doing about 2.5k dps on the dummies at Ironforge the boss one. I feel im not doing enough I do not know if I have gemmed wrong. I need to know somethin too why is every war gemming for APR instead of STR how does it work?

    Also I use to have more str gemms changed to APR i did see a small improvement but i need to know why and what can i do to improve. Lastly I must add that whatever is not enchanted is because i expect to change it soon. Also excuse my english, I never had a good grammar teacher.

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    Your stats actually look pretty good. One thing I noticed was that your expertise is low, you want to shoot for 26 expertise on your character sheet so a boss won't dodge or parry you while you're standing behind them. I'd suggest reading Thegreatme's fury guide on this site to make sure you're using a proper rotation. I think with good buffs and the right rotation you'd hit around 3500dps in a raid, which is a little low for ICC but acceptable for ToC 10 man.

    My suggestions :
    Do whatever you can to get your expertise up to 26, enchant or gem for it if need be. Putting Expertise enchants on your bracers and gloces, and putting one or two Precise Cardinal Ruby on your gear ought to get you to that cap until get gear with more expertise on it.
    You have some missing enchants. I recommend :
    Greater Inscription of the Axe for your shoulders
    Major Agility to Cloak
    Icewalker to Boots
    Berserking to your offhand.

    I know you're expecting to replace some of your gear soon but I think you can reasonably expect to keep at least the 245 shoulders. Plus, if you're worried about getting into Icecrown, having unenchanted gear is going to keep you from getting a group no matter what dps you can do.

    I expect you noticed an improvement to your dps when you swapped strength for armor pen because you're getting close to 90% armor pen when your trinket procs. You suck, by the way, for getting that trinket before I did :P You might have some success gemming for more armor penetration so that you hit 100% when that trinket procs, but I'm not sure. I still gem mostly strength myself.

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    I've spent quite some time on the target dummies in IF while finetuning my rotation and whatever DPS gear I could gather.
    One thing struck me as odd. I consistently do about 1000 DPS less on target dummies than on real targets.
    I simulated a boss with a 1 minute enrage timer meaning that after 1 minute I have to do as much damage as possible. The boss is "dead" after 1.5 minutes. I tried both arms and fury(regemming my stuff was more than costly) and settled for slamless Fury. I don't intend to raid the bleeding edge as DPS and I simply want to faceroll. That's why I gave up on Arms as second spec.

    We had Patchwerk as weekly raid boss for two consecutive weeks and this week I went there as Fury. So I took the opportunity to test my rotation while raidbuffed(it was 25 man, we had no rogue, enhancement shaman or cat but all relevant paladin buffs). I even didn't use Execute because I can't use it on the dummies.

    On the dummy I did around 2.5kdps and in the raid I had 3.5k dps.

    My Boomkin doesn't scale that much raid buffs. Warriors, scale very well with buffs due to damage coming mostly from stats.

    BTW, thanks for reminding me I still have to run normal ToC/5 so I can replace my blue +ap trinket.
    My DPS gear sucks.

    Concerning wether or not to stack more expertise I can only say watch recount for dodges while testing on target dummies. Equip whatever expertise alternatives you have(even if they are blue) and try to assess if more expertise is actually worth it.

    For instance, I have a massive amount of badges because I run around 10 5 man pugs a day. So for a laugh I got two +hit trinkets(all my other trinkets are either crit, haste or a blue quest +ap trinket) leaving me at around 400 hit rating. Fury warriors do a lot of white damage, right? So +hit should be very, very nice. I let my toon do white hits for 10 minutes and took a look at recount. On a whim I switched in a blue +ap trinket. Again I let my toon do white damage for 10 minutes. I swapped in one tanking piece so I got from 24 expertise to 26 expertise while keeping the +ap trinket.
    The last version with 26 expertise and a lot less +hit yielded more dps on auto hit. The difference to what I had considered to be my best available option was even bigger when I did my "full" rotation for 3 minutes.
    You will have to experiment with whatever you have. The results more often than not are non-obvious.
    You can return badge stuff within two hours as long as you don't gem/enchant it.

    Once you get into a raid you can pick up stuff according to whatever conventional wisdom dictates but at the moment you will have to make do with whatever you have.

    Obvious easy upgrade for expertise would be the badge ilvl 245 throwing weapon. There are two plate boot drops in the new heroic instances(one of them is a tanking option). Both of them might be upgrades DPS-wise. Continue to run ToC/10 and ToC/25 once or twice. People tend to be more forgiving for not having top DPS in those raids. You might solve your cloak, belt and boot problem in there(remember: tanking stuff also has +str, +hit, +exp; don't let upgrades be sharded).

    I still have a bit of tanking equipment in my fury setup because DPS wise it's my best choice.

    Just make sure you are wearing your highest iLvl stuff on invite to cheat on gearscore(try not to be obvious, so no PvP stuff) and switch over to your highest DPS stuff when you actually do something. If you are desparate for expertise you can also take a look at tanking drops in the new instances. All plate has nice amounts of strength. Some tanking pieces have +hit. Some have +exp. You might lose on +crit but as long as it is an upgrade go get it. Provided the tank doesn't need it, that is.

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