Ok, well I started playing WoW again after a while off (quit when ulduar was still relatively new). My gear is getting the job done but definately not the best any more. I am not planning on returning to raiding any time soon, so I will get little to no gear from there (may do small things like VoA). Anyways... I am having trouble deciding how to best go about upgrading my gear through the badges. I was thinking of using the frost emblems for the cloak when I get enough.

The Triumph badges are where I am completely stuck. I bought the Libram and am probably going to buy the set gloves next, but are they alone enough to make up for the lost set bonus or should I wait to use? Either way which one should I get next? I was thinking the T9 shoulders because they are a decent upgrade, but the other shoulders available from the triumph vendor look like they would be much better. The T9 legs honestly don't look that useful and by going either helm or chest I would lose the T8 bonus. So which would you recommend?

Also I am going to make a point to hit the "new instances" (ToC and the ice crown ones) as much as possible, but are there any really big upgrades I should watch for there?