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Again, you boast about your threat by linking a video but you don't truly justify what you're saying.

You're post is flamey and not appreciated here in the forums.

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Threat should never ever be a issue. Never put hit gems in or expertise. You are a tank NOT a dps. Hit means NOTHING expertise means NOTHING. You job is to SURVIVE. Forget what everyone is saying about hit/exp = threat. It does mean threat but usually its your fault if you don't have threat. With a capable guild you should have 1 tricks and 1 MD on you at start of fight and from then on should NEVER need any assistance.

Think I am full of shit?

Here is Proof.....

I have 7exp and 5% hit and I am EH build with no gems for exp/hit

The World of Warcraft Armory - Maxiumerror @ Frostwolf - Profile

Still not proof enough you say?

Well here is me Main tanking Rotface 25 man with HERO at start of fight and still got no issues holding boss

YouTube - Crusade vs Rotface "LIVE" (WEEK 1 KILL)

Still say I am wrong? Well I don't know what else to say but I know I am not.