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Thread: Fury Help!

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    Fury Help!

    I gemmed for expertise because i have like 5 without it. I was wondering if i should keep stacking ArP or just go with strength? this is an offspec though, and it may not be the best gear but its all i could throw together. the gems may be poor selection but i had gems in my bank and i just cut them, workin on getting new ones to replace a few i know suck.

    Any advice on gemmed / enchanting and what to gem or enchant for? ive heard strength is the way to go, ignore ArP and ive heard that ArP is the way to go til u hit 54% then go strength but i dnt see myself getting 54% ArP

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    I think the ArP gemming is Gem if you can hit 54% ArP otherwise gem Str if you can't.
    Gem ArP to only 54% no higher and only gem if you can hit that number. Otherwise gem Str.

    But I could be wrong.

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    I have been told that expertise is somehwat important and to gem there if possible

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    i think i can get CLOSE to 54% because im at 44% now and i have to replace a few gems. so i may be able to hit 50-52

    also idk wat socket bonuses i should ignore or gem for, like, 6 str socket bonus? shuld i go for it or no? im assuming 4 is too low but idk
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    You'll need around ~52% passive Arp to softcap with your trinket, you should be able to attain that with your gear. Grab the conquest badge agility neck with ArP on it and you'll only be about 5% away, which can be made up with about 3 +20 ArP gems.

    Also, get rid of that shitty rare gem in your pants and ring, and get rid of those str/haste gems, never gem for haste. If you're going to use hybrids for socket bonuses use str/crit. Don't bother with +4str bonuses, just go for +6 or +8.

    I see your cloak is ungemmed and your belt is ungemmed and doesnt have a belt buckle. Grab a belt buckle, throw a 20 ArP gem in your cloak and 2 in your belt and grab that agility badge neck and you'll be right around the softcap arp with needle. And don't forget 22 agil on the cloak.

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