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Thread: A tale of two upgrades.

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    A tale of two upgrades.

    So I'm looking at getting rid of my current bracers. I current have Mimiron's Inferno couplings and am looking at the Bracers of Dark Reckoning and Gargoyle Spit bracers. I'm leaning towards the bracers of Dark Reckoning, but here is the comparison:

    Item Comparison Tool - World of Warcraft

    The 500 more armor on the Gargoyle spit looks tasty, but...

    Anyone more nitpicky than me have an opinion?

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    I would say for all purpose use that the Dark Reckoning would be better as they have a better spread of stats. If you are in a fight that is armor friendly (some would say all fights are i guess... lol.. ) But I'm talking more about a ToGC Northrend beasts type encounter then I would like the Garg Spit bracers....

    In the end I would use either of them I guess....


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    Go with the Gargoyle Spit Bracers all the way, 16 stamina simply isn't worth 500 armor.

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