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Thread: ICC 10 Gearing - If you was me... :p

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    ICC 10 Gearing - If you was me... :p

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm in a casual guild and we are currently through ICC's first wing and taking a look at Festergut/Rotface. I've got enough Emblems of Frost (70+) to make my 2nd purchase. I went with the belt first and am stuck on Gauntlets of the Kraken vs. Skeleton Key vs. The Tanking Cape.

    Here's my Armory:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    We have the Lady Deathwhisper fight down pat so I'm hoping to see the chest from her soon. And our DK Tank won Deathbringer's pants last week. Also, Festergut does drop a cloak (Cloak of Many Skins) so maybe I wait on that. I really only plan to see 10man ICC at this point so what would you buy if you were in my shoes?

    Thanks for your suggestions and help.

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    The cloak would be the biggest upgrade. Trinket I would say last since you have 2 very good trinkets.
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