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Thread: No Expertise To Be Found on ICC Gear

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    No Expertise To Be Found on ICC Gear

    Have you guys noticed that none of the ICC gear thus far has any expertise on it and a ton of hit? I'm guessing Blizzard is trying to get us to gem expertise now. It explains the large amount of armor, stamina and sockets on all the gear.

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    Already discussed here and here. This is also posted in the wrong forum.
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    Some blue post I cant find right now said that basically the focus of stats will change from tier>tier since otherwise itl be the same item with just +x stats on it.
    I havent personally looked at other classes (warrior myself) but my tier legs has 82 exp. rating on it. The plate tank boots dropping in ICC25 has about 53 exp. rating on it. Thats 16.5 expertise by itself. Paladins can use the glyph / DK's might use a 2hander with exp on it . And you can even gem it in blue slots via purple gems. I personally dont rly see the problem , in Togc25 I had 22 hit rating and 54 expertise, in ICC25 I will have around 18-24 expertise but I will be almost hit capped.

    My threat has never been higher and I will be all-out 100% survival specing/geming anyway, so I say /wave to expertise . I doubt ill notice the problem much in survival (countering that with increased armor/sta anyway)

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    Please keep discussions in threads that already exist.


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