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Thread: Overall Help on DK DW Frost Tanking for ICC

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    Overall Help on DK DW Frost Tanking for ICC

    I'm having a bit of survivability problems for my DK on ICC and I was wondering if you guys had any advice for me. My armory is

    The World of Warcraft Armory - Nerosky @ Spirestone - Profile

    With my current gear I can run through the first wing of ICC10 no problem, but its when we reach the 2nd wing that I start having problems with survivability. Festergut just completely destroys me. He hits for ridiculous amounts and since I lack block, the 20% dodge reduction hurts me terribly. I was wondering, what should I do? Should I resocket all my gear for pure stamina, increase my parry, or is it that I'm not failing but the healer isn't healing me good enough?

    Also as for my talent build I know its a bit off, but its just personal preference, and for some reason CotG doesn't work for me. I got it, but all the skills that it lists for the 5RP boost don't work on any skills except icy touch (Is my math wrong? OB is supposed to give 20RP instead of 15 with CotG 2/2 right?) I'm specced for mainly holding threat on single target bosses. I've only been play wow for about a month and a half now so I'm still newish to the game so any CONSTRUCTIVE criticisim and advice would help.

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    Try DW w/ two slower DPS weapons w/ Rune of Nerubian Carapace instead of Swordshattering. Though parry-gibbing is no longer in the game, parry-haste still is (except for Patchwork and other unusually hard-hitting bosses), and that may be what's happening. (DK's aren't really intended to tank w/ 2x 1H tank weapons despite the extra tank stats).

    Do you have Recount Deathtrack addon? It shows the last few events to happen to you before you died. If, for example, you take 3 boss hits in under 4s, you may be getting parry-hasted (most bosses are on 2s swing timers).
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    One thing you can do to help yourself is go with Rune of Nerubian Carapace on both weapons. The 2% stamina bonus is more beneficial than the avoidance you get with Swordbreaking.

    Also, DW Deathknights actually need less hit than 2hand DKs. Nerves of Cold Steel means your hitcap for special attacks is only 5%. You can easily replace the gems with hit on them with pure stam gems. Your job is first to stay alive, second to make threat. Since you have plenty of expertise, my guess is that your threat is better than you think it is. You just need to be ahead of the dps, you don't need to be ahead of them by leaps and bounds. You might be interested in checking out a recent article at pwnwear.com that discusses needed expertise for dual wielding fast weapons vs slow weapons. Summary - your 33 expertise is plenty of expertise to allow you to use 2 fast tank weapons without getting parry-hasted any more than a warrior one-handing a fast tank weapon.

    Also, if it were me I'd lose the two points in Merciless Combat and one point in Deathchill and put them in Improved Icy Touch instead. The 6% reduction in mob attack speed translates into less attacks on you, therefore less dmg taken by you. Merciless Combat isn't needed by you because it's more of an execute phase talent - that's not your role. Deathchill.... well, guaranteeing a crit every 2 minutes is just something you don't need as a tank. That point is better spent elsewhere (like IIT).

    Other than that, don't forget to plan out and use your cooldowns.

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    From personal xp i see people thinks thta the aura reduction is a reason to start getting more dodge. I still see eh is more important so my personal advice is that you get pure stamina gems rember you only need one purple gem. Also from tanking fester gut you wont b able to tank it when he has 90% extra dmg so when he gets the third stack of his buff you should imediatly pop your 1 min cd then the 2 min one and finally the healer cd or else you wont make it (25 man). Remember that we are not druids we need stamina. And since fester hits like a truck its like facing toch first boss. Eh is myuch more important than avoid (always consider the worst: dodge wont happen)

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