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Thread: Ogrims deflector vs Last Word

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    Ogrims deflector vs Last Word

    Is the jury still out on last word? Will it be a worthwile switch?

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    Go with Ogrim's Deflector, the proc on the Last Word is horrible even if it has a 100% uptime.

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    The Anub-25H weapons remain more or less the best survival weapons that we currently know about. They also perform very well in terms of TPS.

    Pretty much for survival + slight TPS advantage I would go with the Anub-25H weapons and for EH stacking go with the BQS or Anub-10H bonus armor weapons.

    I haven't seen much to indicate the The Last Word is a very good weapon at this point. Perhaps we'll find some more applications for it with some additional testing or if Blizzard modifies the proc somewhat.
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    i've never liked the 25H-Anub sword over the 10H-Anub armor sword. The only time I use it is for my unhittable set while tanking adds.

    Just got Last Word last night. It's literally 100% uptime on 100str and 300extra healing. Going to stick with it over the 10H-Anub armor sword.

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    I got Last Word... last night and I am going to use it for a bit to see how my TPS goes. But yeah, it is a100% up time proc, even on auto attack. Tested it for about 10 minutes on auto attack on a boss dummy.

    It does an annoying animation too.

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