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Thread: Long time Tank looking to help refine

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    Long time Tank looking to help refine

    Now I have been a warrior tank for over the past 3 years. I feel I do a pretty good job at it, but I have never gotten down into the fine mechanics to become even better. I know most fights but have never really gotten into being the tank for any major raid. Sadly a lot I tend to have to pug out to get things done and since I am still not fully comfortable to tank pugs I usually have to run raids on my guild. Not to bash my guild, but we are still up and coming for raiding since we used to be a PvP guild. If anyone can give me pointers on what different to look at for my gear, a good rotation and a chance to beef up my DPS. You can find me here: The World of Warcraft Armory
    I usually pull around 1700 DPS on a average run which can dip down to 1500 and up to 2000. I do know some warrior tanks that pull more then that.
    So if anyone has some better hints or suggestions for me to be even better then that would be great.

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    If I were you,
    -I'd lose the parry and def gems because 1. dodge is more beneficial if you must gem for avoidance 2. solid zircons will give you a bigger HP pool --> you will be hit more/be able to take more hits --> get more rage to burn in heroics 3. you don't really need any plus avoidance aside from what comes from gear.
    -Change enchant on cloak to agi --> again more threat and damage
    -Having shockwave as one of the most useful abilities, get the glyph for it.
    -2/2 Impale (and possibly 3/3 Deep Wounds) is practically mandatory if you want to go for more DPS, and you don't lose much if you reshuffle points from imp. spell reflect and imp. disc. or even cruelty, as is 3/3 Focused Rage which is a major help in spamming more devastates, cleaves and slams.
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