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Thread: Prot Pally first steps into ToC/ICC

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    Prot Pally first steps into ToC/ICC

    Hey all.

    My first post here and all, but I thought I would come here and perhaps ask for some general advice. First off..

    Armory Page

    Essentially I am MT and GL for a new 10 man raiding guild. Its a lot different from what I am used to (used to be a mage) but am enjoying it a lot.

    Now I dont have any problems with tanking hc's etc but since we are now starting on Totc and ICC for the first time I guess Im feeling slightly panicky and wondering if Im as ready as I can be to tank these places.

    Ive got the 969 rotation all sorted, and know that I should be doing SoC for group trash to Seal of Corruption for single targets.

    What Im most worried about comes down to my spec and my gear. I dont think my spec is as good as it could be and I was wondering if my encahnts/gems are all as good as it could be or am I being totally stupid and missing something obvious? And should I be trying to get more dodge or block or should I focus on getting more sta? And I guess Im wondering if my gear is good or am I missing some key items?

    Any advice before I start tanking these raids full time would be mucho appreciated
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    I would stack more stam. All +30 stam gems except the one to meet your meta requirement, which I would make agi/stam. Regarding your current meta gem, swap it out for the stam/bonus armor one. You shouldn't have to gem for hit, especially with that glyph for your taunts. If you can't get enough through gear, try using food like worg tartare.

    Enchant stam to gloves. Pvp enchant for shoulders. If you can still stay over def requirements, stam to shield and health to chest. Accuracy to weapon for threat. If you are comfortable with your hit and don't need more threat, go Blood Draining for survivability.

    Get rid of Divinity in your spec. Its not very good, and for the most part just increases overhealing. You should only need one point in SA as well. You need Vindication in the ret tree, this is a big one for survivability. I would advise 3/3 Crusade for threat and only 1 point in Imp Judgements for your 969 rotation.

    Try this spec out: http://eu.wowarmory.com/talent-calc....00000000000000.

    If you have two warriors in your raid and don't need Imp Might, swap those two points to whatever you want.
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