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Thread: New WoW Website

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    New WoW Website

    Hello Tankspot Forums,

    First off, I am unsure of whether promoting websites is frowned upon or unwelcome on these forums. I looked over the posting rules and the infractions thread but did not find anything related to it, so I have decided to post in the Off Topic Forum where it would probably fit in best.

    As it is with the launch of most websites, fears of phishing scams and keyloggers are likely to crop up.

    In an effort to dissuade these notions, I'd like to stress the following before I begin:

    1. Please make sure you DO NOT use your WoW password when you register here!
    2. Please buy an authenticator if you are bad at using computers and are worried about WoW account security
    3. Please use some form of Virus Scanning, Process Scanning, security software - AVG Free is a worthwhile download because it does half these things for free.
    On to promoting!

    Here to Pwn!
    "Are you here to play? or here to pwn?!"

    Features - both new and previously seen include:

    • Character profile management across all characters - Users can have mains, alts, cross realm characters all under one account. Furthermore, each of their talent specs and gear sets can be stored directly via importing them from the WoW armory the first time, after which they remain on the website until you choose to update them.
    • Detailed Professions Database - Not only can users list professions (which are imported via the armory), but they can also list the specialization of each profession and list any rare craftable items that they are able to create. When a user searches for a specialized crafter, or an item, using our extensive search features (covered below) those respective characters will show up in the results.
    • Community Feedback - Your character and online identity have a reputation on your realm, sometimes even across realms. HereToPwn.com features a comprehensive Character Comments and Ratings tool that enables Users to post qualitative and quantitative feedback about characters they may have grouped with in the past. We understand the controversial nature of this feature and that it has been criticized for its potential for abuse, but be advised that we, the development team, are constantly taking steps to ensure that the risk for abuse is minimized, along with measures that are already in-place. We also realize that an addon launched recently mimicks this functionality to a limited extent.
    • Complex Search Algorithms - This is perhaps our defining feature. Registered users (registration is free and simple) can list their raiding availability on the website. Registered officers and guildmasters can modify the raiding schedules for their associated guilds, along with their recruitment needs. With a simple search interface, users can not only get access to a list of guilds recruiting their classes, but also receive search results that match their schedules. The search algorithms work across timezones, meaning if you list your availability in EST and a guild lists theirs in CST, the system will convert across timezones automatically. In addition to searching for guilds, guilds wishing to recruit may search for characters as well. The search feature also covers crafters.
    • Social networking - The entire site is built around a social networking platform with features that most contemporary social networking websites include, such as a wall, posting features, friends lists and several other features to promote social networking between WoW players.
    • Guild History & Previous Names - The website is capable of storing character's guild histories, previous names and future names. These features can be useful for giving old friends the ability to track you down after they return to the game after extended breaks.
    • Armory Based Character Verification - To prevent and discourage impersonation, we have an automated verification similar to those on other WoW websites where you can verify your character by equipping/unequipping some items during a confirmation stage. (No Armory Login is Required)
    Here are some screenshots of the website's interfaces for several of the above features:

    View a Guild's Schedule

    One of the various features encompassing character profiles


    The Website

    We are fairly new, still in a Beta release, and are slowly gaining members. Please pay us a visit.


    Our Forums

    If you have any questions, comments, feedback, etc. Feel free to stop by our forums at


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    Added a new feature for 5v5 Planning.

    5v5 Planning Tool

    So, you and your 4+ friends are in a 5v5 team. You all possibly live across various timezones and lead very different lives with varying commitments and free time. You want to schedule a regular 5v5, or perhaps one that changes depending on your weekly agenda.

    How do I use this tool?

    It's simple, you sign up (think of a new password, I insist. The website has a "forgot my password" feature, so don't worry!) and enter in your WoW Schedule using the "Manage My WoW Schedule" link at the top. Here you can setup the times you are available to play (in your own timezone, the system will convert for you when it's time to calculate when everyone is available)

    Next step, tell the website about your characters, particularly the one that's on your 5's team.

    Once you have done this, get your teammates to follow these steps too!

    Once you're all in the system with your schedules in place, simply select the "5v5 Planner" and it will generate a daily color coded schedule (based off your timezone, i.e. the person viewing the chart) of the exact overlap of the availability of you and your teammates, i.e. how many people can play at what time.


    Comments, Suggestions, Complaints, Bug Reports, Criticisms

    This tool has only received limited testing and may return inaccurate results or cause errors, I encourage anyone that experiences issues to contact me directly at either nordrassor@heretopwn.com or via our forums (link below). Furthermore, some aspects of the website are dependant upon a stable connection with the Armory in order to receive data. There have been cases where the armory has been unresponsive, in which case, I apologize for any instability or delays.

    I developed this tool after repeatedly overhearing my friends in vent talking about how 5's are really difficult to schedule because it's difficult to get everyone online at the same time (maybe they aren't hardcore like some of you, I don't know). I also realize that there are alternatives to getting this job done, some of which may be easier or more appealing to many of you out there.Regardless, I hope this tool is helpful to someone.

    Please feel free to post any form of feedback on our forums at Here to Pwn! - Index


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    Thank you for the suggestions.

    More feedback is welcome!

    Shameless bump.

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