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Thread: The Raid -- Documentary Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mhoram View Post
    So a bunch of people who raid, think the reason more people play WoW than anything else is because of raiding.


    Do a bunch of people who eat spaghetti think more people eat Italian food than Greek food are because of spaghetti? (I don't know if that's true, I'm just making up an analogy).

    What about the people who don't raid? Or am I the only one? What about the people that play the game for the lore (all the lore, not just the raid lore)? What about the people that just like to get on and hit instances, or level alts, or chat with friends? Do they not count?

    And I'm sorry, but $50 in this economy? Sure, why not. I'm sure there are lots of people who don't need to heat their houses this month.

    Not to rain on the parade, but I don't see the point of this. A bunch of people who like to raid, showing how much they like to raid? If they didn't like to raid, why do it? And I don't know who the audience for this will really be - the people who aren't playing the game won't care, the people that are playing the game and not raiding might, but aren't guaranteed, and the people who are raiding? Why would they watch a movie about raiding, when they could just log on and raid themselves (as several people said about the "Doom" movie a few years back, where there was a section that showed part of the movie from the perspective of the player. As people said - if they wanted to watch someone play the game, they'd just stay home and play the game.).

    I guess I'd just rather be playing the game, than watch someone talk about playing the game. And yes, that may be your lamp, but if you're in essence looking for backers for a film project, it really has no business being in a professional presentation.

    This film is certainly not catering to everyone's interests in the world, no film ever could. This approach takes on even less importance considering the fact that this film is a documentary. If catering to peoples' interest was our chief aim this would be a very poor documentary in deed. Most documentaries are created (as is this one) in order to raise the awareness an audience that knows little about the topic. Individuals find interest in this kind of thing primarily because the subject matter is of growing importance in the world. What about the fact that people who already have intimate knowledge of the subject enjoy watching it too? That just makes sense. We like being understood, and we enjoy seeing the things we're passionate about be excellently articulated.

    As with any good documentary, we will endeavor to take a very specific experience and try to capture it completely, from every possible angle. Then, we will try to communicate what we've captured to an audience that has no language for it. If we've done that, I mean really done that, this will be a great film, regardless of how it is received.

    As far as the lamp goes? Of course. You would be correct if the video we produced was attempting to be an end-product film. However it wasn't. It was an intro video, and one that we wanted to get public sooner rather than later. So, we opted for a more humorous, comedic approach rather than a tedious reworking. That being said, there are many reasons those edits made it into the final footage all of which will be easily avoidable in the production of our film.
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    The Raid - A feature length documentary following the lives of a group of virtual raiders.

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    I think it's a great idea. Even though they have well over the 12k needed to fund the project, I plan to donate before the time is up.

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