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Thread: Fury Warrior: I need help getting my dps up

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    Fury Warrior: I need help getting my dps up

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    I sometimes get past 4k or even up to 5k dps but most of the time im suck at about 3.8k any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Using [Persistent Earthshatter Diamond] as your Meta gem is not optimal. This is for 2 reasons, #1 being that it requires 3 blue gems (which are by far the weakest DPS gems), and for the fact that something like the Relentless Earthsiege Diamond, which grant 21 agility and 3% increased crit dmg is much much better. You should immediately replace that gem and re-gem accordingly.

    Your spec and Glyphs look fine for the most part however I'd drop the Glyph of Bloodthirst for the Heroic Strike one. The Bloodthirst Glyph isn't a DPS increase at all.

    You're missing out on crucial gem bonuses as well. A yellow socket in your helmet grants 8 strength, but you opted to put a 20str gem in it instead. If you had put a 10str/10crit gem in it, you would have gotten 18str and 10 crit vs 20 strength. Generally for yellow sockets, if the bonus is at least 4 str, you should put an Inscribed Ametrine in it (10str/10crit). Switching to the Relentless Meta like I previously mentioned allows you to only have one blue gem which will be a Nightmare Tear (+10 to all stats), put this in your best blue bonus socket.

    Other than that I can't really think of much else, try to get your expertise up to 26 at least, lose some hit, get some more ArP, get your 4p tier 9 set. Generic fury advice.

    Here's a link to my armory, you might find it helpful.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

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