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Thread: Optimal Threat generation setup (Warrior)

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    Optimal Threat generation setup (Warrior)

    As the title suggests I am putting a request for all them theory geeks (<< not intended as insult) who do wonders with numbers for a little bit of help.I have been playing with my warrior tank for quite the lot of time and most of my setups have always been purely done on instinct rather then on solid long list numbers to back that up.For this exersise I want to know the perfect and if possible optimal threat setup that lets you keep your survivability as high as possible while doing more then enough dps for single target and for multi-tanking as a whole.
    My general idea was for 2 specs to be tested seperately to find out which one works best but given that it takes too much time and money I'd rather ask here if someone has already given this a test run.
    The 2 specs are as follows:
    -High block rating/value set with yellow gems for crit and red gems for strenght focusing on as much block rating and value as possible with a specific target of having damage shield do the most out of your aoe threat and speccing for deep wounds.
    -High armor items with haste/crit gems for yellow sockets and expertise rating for red gems having specced for improved cleave and glyphed for it to hit 3 targets with a focus on outgoing melee dps from devastate and cleave (requires alot of tab switching)
    If anyone has tested one of these variations thus far I'd appreciate some feedback as to how it worked out for you so I can see which of the 2 I should spend time and money to go for.Ultimately this is intended for ICC trash rep runs where 1 tank has to keep alot of mobs on himself for most of the time and as you all know Warrior's have never been quite as good as other classes at holding multiple mobs,but that doesn't mean we can't make our jobs easier.Looking forward to some interesting replies

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    The best way to initially scale threat for Warriors is to stack Expertise. Beyond that, a mix of Block Value and Strength are optimal. Haste is a very poor scaler as we are primarily GCD locked.

    Basically, spec Impale/Deep Wounds, pay attention to your Sword and Board procs, and stack a lot of Expertise. As long as you do that, your TPS will be fine.
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    57 Expertise, hitcap, stack strength after that.

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