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Thread: (10) Heroic Jaraxxus Raid Healer

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    (10) Heroic Jaraxxus Raid Healer

    I've been frustrated as a new raid healer on heroic Jaraxxus a few times now. I think it might've just been a bad group but we were falling apart almost immediately. The problem I've been having as a raid healer is when incinerate flesh pops out I have to quit healing everyone else and focus just on that one person. Usually while I'm trying to get Incinerate off one or two people die in the raid.

    It was a bad group (fel lightning was not getting interrupted at all, I wasn't getting any help from the tank healers on Incinerate Flesh, we would have 3-4 adds up) but it's made me wonder how people normally handle it. I've always been a tank healer, not a raid healer, so it's new to me.

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    Fel lightning can't be interrupted. Fel fireball however should be. But even if it does go off, just dispel tank.

    Jaraxxus really doesn't hit the tank that hard, and other than fel lightning there's not a lot of unavoidable raid damage. So healing incinerate flesh shouldn't be a problem to coordinate.

    However, 3-4 adds up implies your raid coordination is lacking. Those Mistress's do a lot of damage to the raid... and if you're that slow taking down portals I have to assume people are standing in Legion Flames a lot too...

    I tank, so I can't really speak to healing assignments, but that may be something you guys need to work out ahead of time as well.

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    Without a class mentioned for your toon, I can give only limited advice on raid healing this.

    For the Incinerate Flesh, you need to drop the HoT game and spam a reliable and time-friendly big heal to deal with the limited window. A Holy Paladin should work wonders for this as they can do the tank healing and part of the IF debuff as well. But without this, they just need to get it off ASAP.

    Tha's to say if you can handle the healing workload. If not, it's okay to let one drop and heal the aftermath but only if you cannot afford to let a raid member die because of lack of DPS or such. Although your mana will take a beating.

    But otherwise, the Healers first priority would be the I.Flesh. Even the Tank healers can get onto it as long as the tanks can manage their health with Cooldowns if needed.
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    Not sure what class you are, but I can usually knock it off pretty quickly. I am a druid so I drop a rejuv on whoever has it then I spam nourish. Comes off quite fast.

    Edit: Thats how to do it as a druid, any other healer should really have an easier time as you should have some quick strong heals to blast on them easily. I would think that its hardest to do it as a druid since we are more focused toward HOTs.


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