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Thread: New DK tank gear critique - ICC10 ready?

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    New DK tank gear critique - ICC10 ready?

    Hello all. Due to a recent occurrence my small 10m guild of IRL friends was down a tank. Since I have experience tanking (TBC Pally tank) I filled the empty spot with my DK, which I had not played since NAXX. What I am looking for is to be critiqued and given suggestions on what if anything I could do differently to my toon's benefit. My goal is to be suitable for ICC10 tanking, but with my current gear I feel low on EH. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. I've got a thick skin, no need to sugar coat anything

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    Why did you socket for Defense/Stamina when you are so over the Defense cap?

    I would socket for Hit/Stamina or pure Stamina for that yellow socket on the bracers, boots and chest.
    Also 275 Health is usually the enchant for chest not +10 Stats.

    For ICC tanking I would toss out Eitrigg's Oath and get a Stamina Trinket in its place, since everything I have heard about ICC is it is mostly EH for the fights not Avoidance.

    Those are the only things that jump out at me.

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