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Thread: Advice to a new tank

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    Advice to a new tank

    I have been playing on my Warrior for quite a while and things have been going well. I use to be Arms/Fury but forced myself to change as I could not be asked to wait 20 min in the lfg queue. But I now somewhat love tanking, at first I was abit rusty but now I have got the hang of it.

    Now all I really need to know is am I almost ready for TOC10?

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    It seems I need to work on alot of things atm :/

    I am having a fiasco about socketing my gems because I was told I need to have 345 Def rating but my Hit rating is also low. I am not sure about my Expertise rating, but I think thats fine from what I've seen. :/

    My stam is also low, So can anyone reccomend me what to do? (Socket,gear,enchants)

    Atm im grinding rep with Hordir.

    Thank you.

    ~Newby Tank.

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    Prioritaztion as a new tank should always be defcap first. You're 2 points under. Mind you, I don't see a head enchant on. Get that and you'll get over.

    Actually, I'm not seeing a lot of enchants here at all. Get the +def for your shield, that plus the helm enchant should free up room for a stam gem in the helm. Your health is a little low, and raising it would be a boon to anyone healing you.

    You need to replace that cape, there's a decent one in regular HoR that would help a lot (Eerie Runeblade Polisher). Saronite Swordbreakers and White Knight Breastplate would be a massive improvement as well.

    All said and done if you can get yourself def capped even as you are I'd consider you OK to at least OT ToC10..but tehre are a lot of quick easy improvements you could make beforehand that would make your healer's lives much easier.

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    a few quick improvements:

    - as stated by eisen, get the head enchant from argent crusade (requires revered)
    - don't bother with hodir as imo, the 30stam15resil enchant is better. its a pvp enchant bought for 10,000 honor points in orgrimmar
    - cloak as mentioned by eisen
    - 40stam enchant to bracers, or get the crafted 245 ones (saronite swordbreakers)
    - enchant on your weapon (you could even do titanium weapon chain if you're worried about hit)
    - defense or stam enchant on your shield, theres also a nice shield in reg HoR
    - socket and enchant your gloves (both can be stam, the glove stam 'enchant' is just an armor kit made by leatherworkers)
    - get a belt buckle and throw a stam gem in it, you can also buy a better belt, shieldwarder girdle, or theres a crafted one with gem slots (indestructible plate girdle)
    - enchant your legs (55stam is huge), frosthide leg armor
    - enchant your boots with 22stam or 15stam & run speed

    enchants and gems are funny because they dont seem to be huge increases, but when you add the up, they make a massive difference, especially in effective health.
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