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Thread: Talent Specs for the Plagueworks

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    Talent Specs for the Plagueworks

    Greetings all!
    After cruising through the first 4 bosses in ICC since the raid opened, my 10-man group found this week that the Plagueworks is gonna be significantly tougher. I have been working with a 15/3/53 Deep Wounds talent spec (link) for a while, but am now considering switching to a Commanding Presence build with maxed Shield Specialization, such as this 5/15/51 build.

    Festergut requires good dps, which makes the Deep Wounds build valuable and gastric bloat makes it even better. However, he also hits hard and fast, making improved demoralyzing shout and Commanding Presence important too. It seems to me that the Commanding Presence build is more appropriate since our problem has been my survivability, but both seem viable.

    I would love to get some of your opinions on the comparative benefits of things like Deep Wounds versus Commanding Presence and Improved Demoralyzing Shout in light of the new Icecrown fights. I have only attempted Festergut so far and can't comment on the other fights so insight there would be appreciated. Please note that I find I am often the only warrior in my raid and so getting the improved shouts from other warriors is not an option. Thanks for your comments and for these excellent forums.

    My Armory link

    P.S: I realize my shield could use a substantial upgrade. ToC and the gunship fight just have not been kind in dropping shields for me :-)

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    I play with 2 specs the Both the Deep wounds spec and a spec more designed for survability.

    The first try after the gates opened I used my threat spec underestimating the swings the boss would take at me we were still new to the fight so we did wipe and I was one of the first to die I swapped specs and it did make a big difference and with more practical experience of the fight and in particular with improved demo shout this made the damage far better and we killed it that go.

    Someone thing else that made a big difference was using a cooldown at the third inhale as this is were the damage ramps up with also if needed using a trinket when you taunt just to help with the change overs.

    A few other things that might make it easier not all ranged have to stand at range just enough to stop the debuffs from being used on those in melee range like shadow crashes on general.

    This means you can keep your main tank healer stood with melee so they dont have to move rather than running around.

    For a tank its all about surviving as due to the damage buff you gain threat isnt much of an issue. even if that is the case it would be near the end after the final Exhale as im not sure if its the same on 10 man as we didnt have a dps problem but in 25 man he onlky has time for 2 exhales so you can spread and nuke after the 2nd and ignore spores, (slightly off topic I know but it was a big help for us to get it down in 25 man)

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    There's certainly nothing wrong with going over to a more survival based build. The only thing I would say is that you should consider whether the other tank you're working with has Imp Demo Shout/Roar or Vindication, at which point you're spending a lot of points in Fury just to get Imp Commanding Shout.
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    Thanks for the responses Fayre and Sifer!

    The other tank in my 10-man is a paladin with Vindication, so it's a good point that the 5-points in improved Demo Shout won't help for Festergut, although it will be useful in other fights where we aren't on the same mob. That makes the Commanding Presence build less appealing especially since it becomes tricky to get both maxed shield specialization and Improved Disciplines for a short cooldown shieldwall. I noticed that Ciderhelm's armory currently has a Commanding presence build with 0 points in both Gag Order and Improved Disciplines which provides additional talents, but the silence and extra shield slam damage seem quite worthwhile. I would think Focused Rage or maybe Imp Revenge would be a better place to take out some talent points.

    For other Plagueworks warrior tanks out there, what talent spec are you using?

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