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Thread: Should I Stack more stam?

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    Should I Stack more stam?

    I am currently just over 38K health unbuffed. All of my gemming has been to match socket bonuses.

    Realize that trying to match my sockets wasnt just for the sake of matching sockets I was gemming for sockets to both maximize my stam from gemming and making sure I was as close as possible to the hit and expertise caps.

    I am in a small close knit guild that is currently raiding ICC 10 man we have downed all 4 bosses of the first wing. We have the first 3 on easy farm Saurfang gave us a few issues at first but now we have a solid strat that works fairly well for us.

    I have never felt as though I as the tank was the limiting factor. I will discuss it in more dpeth with my healers to make sure.

    Just wondering if someone with a little more experience could tell me if I'm fine gemmed as I am or if I should just not worry about my hit and expertise caps and just go straight stam. Threat has never really seemed to be an issue either.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    I have my warrior linked to the wow characters drop down at the top of the post for armory links.

    PS. I know my spec is a little odd atm I specced into Piercing howl recently to help with the adds on Saurfang.

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    A common known fact for all tanks is that Stamina + Armor is the way to go. You should try being hit capped, but with expertise it's not needed as much unless you're threat is horrible. The more stamina + armor you have, the more overall damage reduction + survivability you have.

    When you're tanking a boss, threat shouldn't be that big of an issue, if it is then I'd say go with expertise. You should be getting all stamina except for having your Meta gem active, which should be the 32 stamina +2% armor increase to all items.

    2 extra stamina is 20 health, and the armor percentage increase is nice as well. So keep it up with the stamina.
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    Actually Frost 2 stam = 20 stamina but yes EH is the way to go.

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