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Thread: [H] US PVE Terenas <Really Bad Players> Progressive Raiding

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    [H] US PVE Terenas <Really Bad Players> Progressive Raiding

    Now that you're reading, let me introduce you to our guild. <Really Bad Players> is a Horde guild on the Terenas server. We raid 3 nights a week, Tues, Thurs, and Sun, from 7PM to 10 PM MST (9PM to 12AM Eastern Time). We just started raiding around mid November, and are currently 5/7 Icecrown Citadel(25M) 4/5 ToGC(25M) 5/5 ToGC (Two groups in 10M).

    We have very experienced players and officers who have a lot of experience leading guilds. Our current officers and GM have been in and ran a top 60 US guild, with Deaths Demise, Celestial Defender, all server first raid achievements, etc. We know what its like in a high end guild, and we plan to bring that oppurtunity to anyone who is willing to join us.

    Our website is: www.Reallybadplayers.com (awesome right?)

    Our goal is to be the top progressed guild on the server and to do it with a schedule that allows us time for a real life as well. We are looking for skilled, dedicated raiders. Our time raiding each week is moderately short, we want to get skilled people that want to take care of business. We expect our raiders to show up each with with full consumables, flasks, pots, food, etc. We expect you to know your class, to know your proper rotations, to min/max your spec, and to show up every night up to date on the current raid encounters. We are a relaxed guild atmosphere, there is no drama, there is no bickering. When it comes time to raid we're ready ahead of time to get the job done. Our raid atmosphere is fun, yet strict. We have high expectations for our raiders.

    We are currenty recruiting:
    Warrior - 0
    Warlock - 0
    Mage -0
    Druid -2 (Tree)
    Paladin - 1 Holy.
    Rogue - 0
    Priest - 1 Holy.
    Shaman - 3 (Enhancement, Elemental, Resto)
    DK - 0

    Exceptional apps are always welcome, regardless if we are recruiting your class or not.

    A few more things about our guild, we are a pretty diverse group of people, who like to have fun while we are taking care of business. We are adults, who have adult conversations. We are not politically correct. Ideally, we prefer our members to be 18+ years of age. However age is not a requirement, you must have a strong back bone.

    If you are applying, or interested in applying, please contact the following people in game if you want to know the status of your app:

    Realm: Terenas Faction: Horde Guild: <Really Bad Players>
    Grovel (Alts: Prostrate, Tastesgreat)
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