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Thread: Prot nerfs may be incoming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toushiro View Post
    I have almost 1.2k resli in my PvP gear.
    Then you don't get crit for 20k, stop making up stories, it's mathematically impossible for a 20k shield slam through arenas through resilience, if you're gonna troll go to the WoW forums.

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    I will never be a kaz.. no one can reach the utter awesomeness of you.

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    With 3.3.2 patching up as I speak, we now now the full changes being made and after doing some practice last night with the resilience change already implemented but without the nerfs/buffs from patch 3.3.2 I'm mildly optimisitc about the whole thing.

    I was pretty worried that the devastate buff wouldn't be enough to out-pace the resilience damage reduction (which would be troublesome considering the nerfing of conc blow damage and shield slam damage if you went that way) but I was glad to see that they decided to go with the 10% debuff to healing done in pvp environments. I'm pretty sure that those nerfs and buffs coupled together will work out in prot's favor in higher end settings.

    One thing I'm starting to wonder though is if the alteration of resilience to act as a non-penetratable armor value might shift our gearing a bit especially coupled with the devastate buff. While conc blow AP scaling is dropping I'm pretty sure that considering the use of devastate compared to conc blow our overall ability to create pressure on healers will be going up, especially in conjunction with the healing debuff. So I wonder if stacking pure AP might become even more viable than it has been in comparison to ArP stacking.

    Other than that I'm actually liking the shift away from conc blow being the center of our burst and control, unlinking our ability to burst from a 40 second CD that doubles as our strongest CC really seems like a step forward, regardless of the AP contribution being halfed.

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