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Thread: ToC 10 Man Faction Champions Help!

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    ToC 10 Man Faction Champions Help!

    Ok, I need a bit of advice.

    I play with my group of hodgepodge misfits and I'm not too sure we're using the right strategy here and want some advice on the fight. I've tried to figure out what needs to be done but I was busy trying to kill the stuff that I really haven't paid attention to what was going on and am just going on feedback.

    We're doing ToC (To us, this is STILL progression) and we've come to a big wall with this fight. We're fighting the following group:

    Shadow Preist

    Now, our plan was to burn the druid down as fast as possible with someone on the shaman to lock them down when casting heals. Once that's done, switch over to the Shaman while our MT would taunt and CoI the Warrior. However he's been stating (He's our RL) that it's kinda like a PvP fight where using your CCs will pretty much render them immune and that CC isn't the best way to do things.

    So here we are having five other classes run rampart and we're trying to kill this one tree with 6 DPS (Two healers, and the tank and rogue doing their job). The problem is that the tree's either not going down fast enough (Which to me I already knew we had a legit DPS problem here), and the others are just absolutely destroying them. I'm throwing out my Challenging Shout when it gets too hectic to try to scatter them and make them use their skills but I can only do so much. We're dropping traps to try to slow them down too and it's not doing much good.

    So my question is this: How the hell do you do this fight? I've got one healer sick and tired of even being in ToC and doesn't want to do it because he always gets locked down all the time. (Our priest. I'm not happy about this because he's giving up instead of trying to think of solutions to get passed this.). Our shaman healer is probably our greatest healer however one healer sometimes just isn't enough. (This means don't even consider telling me the priest to switch to Shadow, he only wants to heal. Trust me, long story short, you really don't wanna argue this.)

    I'm thinking splitting the DPS the way we are is lowering our DPS on the tree. But removing the rogue from the Shaman will mean heals on the druid and it'll just take forever to bring down.

    Here's the kicker: Don't ask the mage or the hunter in our group to kite: They can't do it. That's all I am going to say about that as well.

    And please, no criticism about the group. I know it sounds that they're terrible but they are here to have fun and they just wanna progress. They don't understand the idea behind raiding and situational awareness unfortunately and if this is a road block that we're at and cannot proceed further, then so be it, but it'd be frustrating. ANY advice would be appreciated.

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    A very important part of this fight is dispells. Is your priest mass dispelling everything? Kiteing the warrior is a good thing and it is like a pvp fight, but CC is very important. Genrally we banish the tree, kill one heals, then work our way thru the DPS by armor class. With your setup, cc the druid, kill shammy, throw out other CCs to start and get everyone else to use their CCs for self defense. Yes they will become immune for a moment if you CC them over and over, but if you CC for self defense then they shouldnt. Like if the paladin come after your mage have them sheep it. Have your hunter throwing down frost traps to slow everything down ect. You want to use everything you have to stay alive, just like in PVP.

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    normally, we lock down one of the healers and burn another with a BL+CD's. The druid is potent, so he usually is killed first while I lock down the other healer for the whole remainder of the fight (in prot).

    Then we proceed to pick off the other champs by dmg output and CC ability.

    Another good trick we use is to have one person dedicated to keeping one of the enemy pets low on health, this tricks the Enemy healer into healing that pet and is great for a form of cc. kind of lol, gets the same thing accomplished as if we were locking down one. CAn't do that with the druid, but it works well with any other healer.

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    As said above: dispel a lot.

    On my main (disc priest) I generally mass dispel and fear on every CD while running around melee attacking the enemy totems. I'll Penance anyone that gets hit hard but other than that I rarely heal.

    On my alt (warrior) I basically shockwave, thunderclap, cleave and disarm while charging, intervening and intercepting (god I love Warbringer) everything I can. Every time it's up I cast fear.
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    The way you approach the group is based on your group makeup.

    Generally we found if we had a druid in the opposing group it would have to be chain banished and feared by a warlock or killed first if we dont.

    The Holy Paladin had a regular date with one of our rogues, with all his tricks he could stun disorientate or just plain kick everything they were trying to do.

    If it was a ret paladin we generally had a tank try and hold it even if he went in dps gear with the rogue shifting to a different healer.

    If in this case you had holy paladin resto druid and resto shaman but didnt have a lock then a rogue will still be kept on the holy paladin and then the resto shaman would be cc'd while we nuked the tree.

    Keeping the shaman sheeped atleast till the druid was pretty much down would mean you wouldnt have to worry as much about totems which is a big plus.

    Also only having the warrior as melee to fight against is something that should help you survive.

    Yes the other classes do lots of damage but they arent quite as bursty and as mentioned above dispelling is your best defense this removes the damage but it also keeps your clothies higher hp so less of a target.

    A priest if possible needs to be discipline for the reduced mana cost to aid this if you need to go in with 3 healers then so be it.

    This is a control fight, Keep people alive while gradually reducing their numbers.

    To aid with Dps make sure to have an MS effect on the kill target it will make it alot easier if they do get heals and mind numbing poisen from a rogue on their healer and any healers nearby will also help.

    About the pet trick, we dont tend to have someone focus on one of their pets but rather have any pets we have from hunters etc on their pet, in this case their fel hunter.

    Try to have people focus on one thing but if their target is immune then they can help others out before returning to their target when its no longer immune.

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