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Thread: Arms warrior advice

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    Arms warrior advice

    I am always in the 4.5-5.5k dps range (sometimes in the 3.5k range on fights like Marrowgar although I'm not sure why) and I think I could be doing more. I'd love to at least do 6k consistantly. It is frustrating to be with pallies and death knights who do 7k ALL of the time. :/ Is there anything about my spec or gemming (I was ArP gemmed for the fight linked below while I am Strength now - I am honestly not sure which to gem for or how much of it to gem) that could be changed to help me out? I know I'm way over expertise cap and hit cap but that's all from gear so I'm not sure if there's a way I can lower those or not.

    I think I have the rotation down but I'm not sure... can someone look at the link below and see if there's any info in there that you see on anything I am doing too much/too little of? Usually I hit Rend, MS, SD, OP, Slam, and BS in that priority whenever they proc. And I use Sweeping Strikes on multiple targets.

    Here's my dps from a 25 man Saurfang fight:
    WoW Meters Online - Combatlog Replay

    And here is my armory:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

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    Well I see one problem in the rotation. BS (Bladestorm), should never be much of a priority in your rotation. Basically you wanna...

    1. charge in
    2. rend
    3. mortal strike
    4. slam
    5. overpower
    6. slam until mortal strike is off CD
    7. overpower
    *Use execute whenever it procs, overpower is higher priority than execute though.

    1. Keep rend up at all times, don't reapply until after the very last tick
    2. Overpower whenever you get the Tfb proc
    3. Execute whenever it procs, otherwise just mortal strike and slam until execute or Tfb procs. Overpower has priority over Execute always.
    4. Only, and I mean ONLY use bladestorm RIGHT AFTER you do overpower, but DO NOT use it if execute procs. If execute procs after your overpower forget about bladestorm.
    5. Under 20% health is execute spam, and overpower whenever Tfb procs. Keep rend up. That's what I do however I'm still not too sure about it.

    Basically never incorporate Bladestorm in your priority rotation. Bladestorm is great for bursts of damage and you generate some rage while still doing yellow damage during its time up.

    PS: When the last rend tick procs Tfb, reapply rend THEN overpower.

    As far as your gear goes and talents go. You don't need weapon mastery, at all. You're way over expertise and even hit capped. Swap those 2 points from weapon mastery into improved execute. If I were you I'd optimize the gear a bit better. You could trade out some of that gear with hit and expertise for gear with more crit and armor pen. I notice your armor pen is on the low side for your level of gear as well. Optimize it a bit better.
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    Better optimization of gear: Check (once I get more gear options >>)
    Speccing out of Weapon Mastery: Check
    Agree on Bladestorm.

    Are you sure OP is higher priority than Execute? No one seems to agree which one should be first (Elitist Jerks is all over the place on it) but generally people seem to say SD is priority over OP. But I'm going to follow your advice, put OP first on priority, and see how it goes.

    Also, I'm gemmed for Strength - do I need to be gemmed for ArP? And if so should I switch out my Greatness Card for Mirror of Truth?

    Thank you for the reply!

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    Okay, my spec has been changed and I have done a bit of rearranging with my armor for more ArP and Crit. It says I'm still way over expertise and a bit over hit cap though. :/

    My biggest question now is whether to gem for ArP - do I need to do it?

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    yes, Gemming ArP should increase your dps, even past the softcap, (~58% w/o battle)

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