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Thread: ICC 10/Ony 25/TotCr 25 Gear Check

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    ICC 10/Ony 25/TotCr 25 Gear Check

    Hello, I am in a small guild of friends looking to do 10 man content and psuedo-pug some of the lesser 25 man content. I am a Frost DW Tank and do a lot of research (here, EJ, Deathknightinfo etc) and want to make sure my toon is ready for ICC 10, Ony 25, and TotCr 25.

    Here is my armory: The World of Warcraft Armory

    I guess the main source of my question is whether to gear for avoidance or stam. Originally I was gemming for avoidance and stam paying attention to socket bonuses only when they were defensive and met a certain threshold (6 stam for example) but got pressure from my guildies to gem for stam.

    It seems a bit ridiculous to only care about one stat to rate a tank but that seems to be what's happening. The other tank in our guild is a pally tank with 40k hp but he has 2x Brewfest trinkets, which I don't have access to, and he only gems for stam.

    My Hit rating seems high, I'm aiming for 200, but since I'm not going out of my way to gear or gem for it I think it's fine for now, am I correct in this?

    My Expertise rating is on the low end of acceptable, as far as I've read (here and on EJ, Deathknightinfo) but it means I can't wear some of the higher pieces that I have access to. I have Kysoc's Ground Stompers and access to quite a few one handed weapons (2x Ghoulslicers, Aledar's Battlestar, and even 2x Peacekeeper Blades [although I've never even used them due to the low dps and fast speed]). I'd rather use the Weapons I have equipped currently (Black Icicle and Nighttime) but will use whatever is best considering my other gear choices (hence why I haven't trashed the old gear).

    Is the T9 4pc bonus worth not using the 245 shoulders? I keep waffling on this but it seems like I should keep the bonus until I can replace a second piece other than the shoulders with an upgrade from TotCr 10. Is this correct?

    The last question is regarding trinkets, but still based on the stam vs avoidance question. I almost always use The Black Heart but the second slot keeps shifting between Ick's Rotting Thumb, Glyph of Indomitability and even Monarch's Crab. I keep wanting to use the Glyph for the AP and ability but the only thing anyone seems to be impressed by is HP. Even when fully geared for stam I can only hit 35k, still quite a chunk behind my pally friend. Should I be worried about this or should I just go with my gut and maintain a certain HP mark for the content I wish to do while gemming/gearing for avoidance?

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    First of all, avoidance is never more important over stamina. Yes it may seem silly to stack one stat, but this is the case. With avoidance having diminishing returns now, and parry and dodge being close to the same one, you can get hit a lot harder since avoidance isn't always up, especially as a DK or Druid with no block(or parry for druids).

    So stacking stamina and armor is the way to go, for someone who stacks avoidance will always get hit for a lot when their avoidance is on return, while stamina + armor tanks take a normal amount of damage, and even less with cool downs.

    Example(Rough estimate): Stam Stacking -HP: 37006(100%) -> 2706 Damage hit (no avoid) 34300(87%)

    Avoidance Stackin -HP: 26570(100%) ->2706 Damage hit (no avoid) 23864(76%)

    That's not including armor reduction from the stam + armor stacking tank, or the heals from healers or CD's used. But as you can see, stacking avoidance as a tank is a bad choice for you take more damage over all compared to stacking up health + armor.

    As far as hit and expertise goes, I myself always like to be hit capped or above, but from my gear alone. You should never have hit gems as a tank, and expertise shouldn't be worried about unless you have threat problems.

    With T9, the bonus is not worth it. You can get more armor + stamina from other gear which destroys what Tier 9 can give you, rendering the bonus useless.

    And lastly, trinkets. The Black Heart is a wonderful trinket, I myself do not use it due to the fact I don't like its' gear score, but that's my sad choice and I know it's a bad one. For the second trinket, avoidance is useless. Go for one that gives stamina or armor, but make sure it's not just a trinket that's there for stamina only. (Like the Brewfest Trinkets)

    Get something that has a useful cool down, such as avoidance or absorption. So go with the Glyph trinket, gives you armor (Roughly 11 armor is equal to 1 stamina for absorption), so go for it.

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