Okay I been rolling this Warrior since before BC came out and i never really paid much attention to prot until WotLK. I did tank in BC but i was never really all that into it and A LOT of people died. I have made drastic improvements, but people in my guild are all rolling druids and pallies so no one really knows crap about warriors. They all try to advise me on what enchants to use what gems to socket, and nothing they say has ever really improved my tanking.

Is there a cap on avoidance? Is the cap on individual stats ie dodge/parry/block? I read in the WoW forums that it was 13% each but this doesn't seem to be the case as the avoidance that comes with the gear has my stats way over that on all but block. I've seen posts here about 50% avoidance.

Also please take a look at my spec. I can take criticism. I know that everything is not up to par gem enchant wise but i am changing it daily at this point.

here is a link to my armory
The World of Warcraft Armory