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Thread: squishy warrior

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    squishy warrior

    My warrior tank has been labled squishy by my healers. I run with a paladin tank in our 10 man groups and the healers can't keep me alive on festergut. They say I'm fine for a bit but then take huge amounts of damage. I believe that I am using my cooldowns and trinkets in an effective manner although it might need some work yet. Could my cooldowns be making it harder to heal me? The healers get used to the lack of damamge and then can't keep up when the cooldowns are over?

    I know that the damage was supposed to be made so it was less spikey, but it seems that it is not. Anyone else have these same results?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Festergut gains 30% damage and 30% haste every 35 seconds during the fight until he reaches 3 stacks, that effectively means he's dealing CRIT levels of damage at 3 inhales at nearly twice the speed. your healers need to man up and figure out something to keep you alive.

    You're HP is okay, could be higher, especially being a Tauren. Festergut and Rotface hit hard, REAL hard, and it's not gonna be easy to kill bosses like in the first wing of ICC. You're wearing a lot of SBR and SBV gear, this is not ideal for tanking progression bosses (except for gimmick fights). You'll want to try to get yourself more EH focused pieces asap, to survive the fight as well, but on festergut specifically, it's a combination somewhat of your gearing, + him hitting hard + your healers QQ'ing. You're gonna need to chain cds when he inhales 3, there's no way around it, if the healers can't keep you up through cds then it's something you need to improve and they need to improve.

    Link your armory in the thread as I am moving this to the HALP! forums.

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    I didnt see your armory link so I couldnt weigh in on the gear. I tried your name but couldnt find a warrior tank so I gave up on that.

    As for Festergut, you will want to use planned cooldowns on that fight. The tank going second is going to eat the majority of the damage from his "3 inhale" portion of the fight (FYI, the other tank gets the next one).

    Dont use any cooldowns until the third inhale (all the gas is gone). Once you do, use shieldwall first. That will hold you for 10 seconds. After that, use last stand and your trinkets. Call for a cooldown from a raid member after about 5-6 seconds. Pain suppression, Hand of Sacrifice, etc. You only have to make it a few seconds after that.

    Also, make sure you use your indestructable potion for the fight.... it makes a big difference....
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