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Thread: Old fury Warr needs an update

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    Old fury Warr needs an update

    I have been away from WoW since a little after ToC and my gear is in need of an update for ICC. From what I have read ArP is the way to stack now and not Str. so if I could please get some help as far as any new caps or gems I would be thankful

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    As a Fury warrior, ArP is not the way to go. As a Fury warrior, your 10% physical decrease needs to be overwhelmed with strength. Think about it, if you gem for Strength and some crit here and there, the 20% more strength bonus enhances this, allowing that 10% decrease to be obliterated, and with the right gear, talents, glyphs and rotations, you can own dps.

    As arms, ArP matters for they get a large increase from their ArP from talents, and they don't have that annoying 10% physical damage decrease.

    Watch this video, it helps a lot with all I talked about. YouTube - How to Play a Fury Warrior

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