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Thread: help needed

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    help needed

    I am looking for a specific talent tree that is not cookie cutter but does the best job for healing and 1 for DPS aswell, I am dual speced in shadow and right now Disc until i get to 80 then will go back to Holy. My priest is a 77 now and frivilously working toward 80. any help will be apprecciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by dellistana View Post
    ...not cookie cutter but does the best job...
    "Not cookie cutter" and "best job" are mutually exclusive terms much of the time, I'm sorry to say. There are a number of specs that have a few "free points" for customization, but the majority of points for any decent spec will usually be invested in certain talents that are essential for performance. Also, keep in mind that there are some specs which are better for people who are still gearing up or only intending to run 5-mans, and some that are only best when you are well-geared and/or raiding.

    Aliena has tutorials (which cover specs) for Disc, Holy and Shadow here on Tankspot:

    Shadow Priest Guide
    Holy Priest Guide
    Disc Priest Guide

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