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Thread: How-to nerf warriors, player suggestions

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    Nerfing all the PVE features of Protection so they only work against non-player targets is wrong in my opinon. They managed to bring the paladin issues better in line with the addition of the forbearance debuffs coming from alot more sources, I hope this is the way blizzard handle prot warriors. Furthermore simply making every ability 'cause a large amout of threat' What ever happened to stopping the system of 'baked in threat' way back in 3.0? I'm sorry, sustained DPS boost is worth crap all at the moment due to the burst nature of our abilites anyway (moderate CD's and Random Procs); unless my white swings are going to be boosted into the triple k's I feel blizzard have really dug the hole too deep this time to find any viable solutions out of it.

    Honestly I'm getting tired of Arena and E-sports being the determining factor for class balance. Frost Mages vs. Warriors of any spec for years was beyond a joke. Early Wrath narrowed the gap to an almost equal playing field. Yes I do agree its a bit silly now because the balance of power has shifted with all the gear scaling, but honestly it's like being penalized to play the class you enjoy the most simply because some 13 year old self-declared 'Uber Pwnd Pvp lord lol' kid, who never see's the light of day, complains more on web forums than myself.

    Anyway I digress, the best suggestion I've seen so far is 'Disable PvE set bonuses'. That I can agree too because a) It makes sense and b) Would probably be easy to implement. You should be wearing PVP gear anyway for pvp and It should boost your PvP abilities and talent specc. In short: Make other specs more attractive to begin with rather than protection.

    A warbringer nerf is something I will just have to swallow as well simply because it is hard to argue a free trinket...though wait didn't humans get a free pvp trinket racial anyway?. As a midway solution: Instead of a total removal of the snares, I think a passive 'reduces snare effects by 50%' would be a far better way of handling it; seeing as the only reason warbringer is really taken in PVE is for the mobility it provides in the first place, and to counter the rage starvation of TBC when someone ninja pulled. If warbringer goes south, they should buff Improved bloodrage to 50/100% rather than 25/50. Job done, rage starvation solved and I didn't need to stun anyone.

    Come to think of it: why not make charge an action you can do in combat to begin with and set it to a much longer Cooldown? - like 45 seconds or 1 minute; voila i've helped resolve the problem without making life difficult for warriors in pve. Seriously thats is the solution here - too many stuns happening in too much of a short time period - solution: increase the duration between stuns.

    Rawr, I must stop now before I turn into a blood boiled beast.
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