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Thread: Teir 9 two peice

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    Teir 9 two peice

    When to drop the T9 two peice is what i'm wondering, I got Taldarams Plated Fists, and i'm using the 245 T9. I'm worried about the threat loss from dropping the 2 peice T9 untill I can pick up the 264 T10. I'm leaning more towards dropping the set bonus in favor of the extra socket and higher armor on the 264 gloves personally.

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    Thats a pretty good question there too, I'm also deciding if I should drop my T9 2 piece, which is the Casual 232 gloves and legs. If the new gloves do give you more EH you should go with it but might be a good idea to see how much it affects your overall threat. For me I'm waiting for the new Vault boss to come out so I can get some free T10 stuff namely gloves and legs.

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    Wow, you get free stuff from Vault??? I finally stopped running it after a couple months of running both 10 and 25 mans weekly and getting 1 set of PVP hands, and losing on the only pair of T9 tank pieces I ever saw (the pants). I'll still run the new one for emblems of frost for a while, but I just accept that's all I'm going to get from those time-sinks.

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