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Thread: Difficulty with positioning -- mob movement

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    Difficulty with positioning -- mob movement

    I decided to try tanking on my paladin, and I put together a set for heroics. I'm not quite defense capped (532 def atm), but I've tanked through heroic hor being slightly below, and I think I've been doing okay.

    Anyways, my biggest problem isn't holding threat, it's not the rotation, it's not even mitigation -- it's the mobs themselves. They are just constantly moving, and I can't get them to go where I want them to go lol.

    It's not just caster mobs, either. I am pretty good with selecting the caster mob or mobs in a group, silencing them with avenger's shield, and waiting for them and the melee mobs with consecrate.

    However, when the mobs get there, they often curl around me so that I have some hitting me from behind. I try to back up and the mobs in front of me then get behind me, and I often end up just having to do a 180 completely and then everything is finally in position.

    I guess it works, technically. No one has died as a result of it (although I've gotten low a few times from getting raped from behind), but I cringe every time it happens, because I know how annoying it is for the melee to have to run around trying to find the mob's back while I struggle to position.

    This also happens with single-target mobs, where typically I thought the idea was to run through the mob so that I can have its back facing the raid. That way the melee can just walk right up to it and be behind, and if the mob has any kind of "spitting" ability, it will only hit me.

    However, when I do this, the mob often just keeps repeatedly going behind me, and I end up having to turn it kind of sideways just so that it stays in front of me and stops moving.


    Is this some kind of weird latency thing? Is it because I am spec'd into pursuit of justice? Am I just failing at movement? Will I get used to this over time as I tank more?

    Any help with this would be much appreciated .

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    Unfortunatley the mob pathing is a bug introduced with patch 3.3. Blizzard claim to have hotfixed it but it has not been fixed.

    The best we can do currently is to either stun the mobs which then seems to cause them to line up correctly. Or you can slowly backpeddle until they are possitioned correctly. Its a pain but its is important to ensure mobs are in front of you.

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    I have found the on single mobs, bosses and such, the I cannot run thru them and do the quick mouse turn anymore. It just takes to long to get them where I want them to go. I have found it much more efficent to run in, strife around and when they make their first turn twards me, then do the quick mouse 180 and they are right where I want them.

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    Unless its a large pull, one fast, short movement will make all the mobs go behind me; then I just turn in place to face them. Or sometimes I have luck positioning them using a series of short, slow nudges.

    Or, I just put my back to a wall if one is available.

    On my warrior, use of shockwave makes it mostly a non-issue.

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    /agree with Bashal.

    OP - Pathing is bugged, it's not you being crazy.
    RNGesus - Saving you unreliably since BC.

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    /agree with all

    Its really annoying. Was really bad before the nerfed deathwhisper and her adds.

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