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Thread: incoming prot warrior nerfs

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    incoming prot warrior nerfs

    from ghostcrawler

    -- Protection warriors have too much utility and damage for PvP. (We don't want to hurt their tanking in PvE of course.)

    It's not my intent to qq. I'm posting hear to try to get some smart speculation about what the changes might be. Our mobility and stuns seem to be the most "utility" we provide in pvp. I could see potentially longer cooldowns on our intercept/intervene/charges but that seems doubtful. Removing the chance on stun for imp revenge? I'm kinda scratching my head here (largely because I pvp so infrequently currently).


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    Add DRs to charge if you have the warbringer talent. Might work if that's possible for them to do w/o bugging the ability for everyone else. And make imp disarm not work on players.

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    can't really touch charge/intercept/intervene cd times because that would hurt arms pvp (they already have a penalty on charge cd for juggernaut).

    party spell reflect is a big deal imo, that might change. charging/intercepting out of snares via warbringer might change to pve snares only.

    there is already alot they did to protection warriors to tune the outgoing dmg down while making even more threat baked in so pve prot doesn't suffer.

    i think everyone not knowing how to deal with a prot warrior in pvp and with that everyone says they are op. but it's perfectly fine if i'm arms spec and a mage can frost nova/poly me for an entire 2s match?

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    Harsher Taunt like diminishing returns on our stuns. return the 1 handed weapon requirement to devastate (keeping the shields one too), and make it defstance only

    oh and Nerf Prot Pally PVP too plox!

    but yeah I agree with Destruyen, those who know how to handle a prot warrior can break me rather quickly, those who treat me like they're fighting an arms warrior or retadin go squish in few GCDs

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    There's already another thread discussing this, please discuss it there to prevent clutter.

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