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Thread: [PST]<Casual> 5/5HTOC top #50 US LFM good players

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    [PST]<Casual> Top 30 US LFM good players

    What we're recruiting:

    1x Mage (HIGH)
    1x Ret Paladin (HIGH)
    1x Shadow Priest (HIGH)*
    Exceptional players of any class/spec.

    Amazing applicants of any class or role will always be considered, so if your class is not mentioned above do not be discouraged if you feel you would be a valuable addition to our raid team.

    *= indicates we are currently trialing someone for this position. This does NOT mean we won't give you a shot. It simply means that you will be actively competing with someone else for that raid spot if we choose to give you a trial.

    Who we are:

    Casual is a guild that has been around since February 2005. Our rankings are consistently in the top 50 US and we're number 1 on our server. When we raid, we raid efficiently and effectively. We're serious about what we do, but we're not some uptight group of retards that no one in their right mind would want to play with. We get it done, but we have a good time doing it.

    Some of our achievements include:

    US 55th Kil’Jaeden Kill
    Conqueror of Naxxramas
    Obsidian Slayer
    The Magic Seeker
    US 37th Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood
    US 32nd Firefighter
    US 42nd Celestial Defender (Algalon)
    US 110th Death’s Demise (Yogg-Saron 0 watchers)
    US 32nd Tribute to Mad Skill
    US 21st Professor Putricide

    Our raiding schedule:

    We raid Sunday-Thursday, 6:00-10:00 PST. We will sometimes either stop early or push for a bit longer, but we won't make you stay until one in the morning to kill a boss.

    How our DKP system works:

    We use a tiered content DKP system that ensures new members will never get screwed by an insurmountable gap between the new and old members. One of our members wrote a very extensive mod to handle our DKP. It is very simple to use and many other guilds have adopted its system.

    What we expect from applicants:

    - Maintain 80% attendance at a minimum (4 days a week)
    - Come to fights prepared (Consumables, knowledge of the fight)
    - Have a good internet connection and a good computer. You're no use to us if you can't stay online, or can't play because your fps goes to hell every time the pretty fire appears.
    - We expect you to be a good player. We don't accept sub par apps out of the goodness of our hearts. Also we take a couple of applications for any spots we have openings for and if you perform amazing you will have a raid spot.

    How you can apply to Casual:

    Fill out the application form on our website (<Casual> Application Template), and PM it to Taij. If you post it on the forums instead of sending it to Taij, you are not even going to be considered.

    If you have any questions about the guild it's self or the application you can also contact me (Thegreatme) here on Tankspot and I will do my best to help clarify things for you.
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