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Thread: Festergut hurts > < (warrior tank)

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    Festergut hurts > < (warrior tank)

    Last night we attempted Festergut 25m with a pally tank startig first and i taunting off at 9 stacks and by that point festergut is in his 3rd ihale of the gas and hitting like kimbo slice. I popped all my CD's, sw , gylph asap after taking initial aggro. But its feels like i still get popped too hard. By the time i get through to the 2nd time festergut inhales his 3rd gas again i have last stand and jugg availible with cd's still on sw and gylph. I dont know what i should do but i my plan was to buy the frost emblem chest the cataclysmic one as my next buy and maybe revamp my talents so i have improved demoralizing shout and improved commanding. IM goin to change my enchant on the teir gloves today. Here is my armory ... any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Well you have to analyze what happened, perhaps even use an addon to review the fights. It could be heals, you perhaps not having enough health or armor, etc. The best thing you can do as a tank though is just make sure you have lots of health, use your cool downs wisely, and perhaps even glyph + talent into Improved Disciplines, and Last Stand.

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    My suggestion would be to stack up some more hp. Not alot you can do against the damage except blow your cooldowns, or maybe perhaps have the other tank go first. I would suggest your highest geared tank going last so that they get the brunt of the damage instead. Other than that not alot you can do about it except to get some better gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostglaive View Post
    and perhaps even glyph + talent into Improved Disciplines, and Last Stand.
    This fight seems to be all about using cooldowns to survive at 3 stacks, based on what I saw on the video. I'm not sure reglyphing is NEEDED, but it's probably a good idea.

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    Here is one from our kill:

    [21:33:37.059] Festergut hits Akeber 33959 (B: 2137)

    That's the biggest one that slipped in between CDs with 3 stacks.

    I had 30K armor unbuffed in that gearset (without devo). No armor pot at the time.

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    Once people get 2-3 stacks of the Inoculated debuff, raid healing becomes minimal. It might be a good idea to move one or two of your raid healers to tank healing when Festergut has three stacks of his own buff.

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