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Thread: FURY warrior in need of HELP!!!

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    FURY warrior in need of HELP!!!

    Hey guys,
    Umm this is a repost, sorry for the armory problems last post.

    Ok will iam in need of some help with my dps, i dont think iam doing something right. My dps is not as good as i think it should be.
    currently getting 2k + dps in heroics.

    I follow the rotation that Thegreatme gave in his epic fury warrior vids.
    ww --> bt --> slam (if instant) --> bt

    i also use heroic strike for rage dump and if there is more than 1 target i use cleave.

    I am also not sure which enchants and gems to get (i was goin to gem for arp but guildy told me to gem for str instead ) so not sure.

    and can i also get some advice on my armor wht i need to change.

    WoW armory

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    I would do this,

    1. Remove the tanking trinket and get some real DPS trinkets.
    2. Put berserking on both weapons.
    3. Download Landsouls DPS warrior spreadsheet (from elitist jerks) and use it, its has all the details you need.


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