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Thread: Protection Paladin stat help!

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    Protection Paladin stat help!

    Good evening fellow meatshields!

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Im abit confused at the moment about which stats i should be enchanting / gemming for. A few months ago i was having a chat with one of the servers best prot paladins and he told me to gem parry / dodge until im 102% unhittable and then i can gem for stamina as long as i stay unhittable.

    Im just wondering wether this has changed now? I recently ventured into icc with my guild as the MT had a dc and i noticed that dodge is reduced. Does this mean i should start gemming for stamina?

    Im extremely sorry for my questions guys, but it seems that every other tank is gemming for stamina and when people see my 35k health they just laugh!

    Im hoping to return to raiding so any other help to do with my gear would be fab!

    Many thanks!

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    Oops, sorry i seemed to have logged out in the wrong gear! relogged in my pve gear now

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    The best pally on your server isn't the sharpest knife.
    First, the unhittability cap is 102,4%.
    Second, it's not necessary at all.
    Being unhittable has little value in these days where the only effect is using your block value to survive.

    You will gem for health more than anything, usually. Defense and Agility are good stats for yellow and red slots.

    On Icecrown Radiance: 20% less dodge does not make dodge bad. It's just as good as before, your gearing goals will not change, and the value of the avoidance stats compared to each other do not change either.

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