First of all here is a link to my armory

The World of Warcraft Armory

Im in a situation where i am now at ~70 badges and looking at where to spend them for upgrades, i considered taking t10 gloves but lossing the 2sec taunt im not sure of, also with so many loot possibilities now that ICC is open to plaguewing there are even more, my biggest fear especially as MT is that i "waste" badges buying items i could easily gain in another week or so of runs.

also the t10 paladin set bonus doesnt seem too strong for tanking although divine plea giving dodge is interesting should i just consider going for crafted and drops ?

Also on a last note as huge fan of hit capped exp capped ect am i right to gem as i am with lookign to gain these caps ? or should i succum to stam stacking in everything ?