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Thread: Trouble healing pit of saron

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    Trouble healing pit of saron

    for gorefrost how should i heal with the saronite. should i get out of the cover of the saronite to heal tank or is there someway to heal the tank while under the protection of the saronite?

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    The tanks and DPS can get behind the saronite when the boss is going to the anvils. If the healer is having a hard time with all the damage this is probably the best tactic.

    My priest is geared to the point that I generally just let everyone go nuts and I heal through it but if I were still gearing up I'd ask everyone to get out of the hurty stuff for me.
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    The tank SHOULD be getting behind the saronite. That resets the counter on the frost debuff.

    If your tank isn't doing so he's taking progressively more damage, making phase 3 harder than it needs to be.

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    Anyone with 10+ stacks should get behind saronite and let them fall off, I see DPS care too much about numbers and assume a healer will just keep them up more often then I should. The same rule applies to healer, healers dont let stacks get past 10 on yourself.

    This encounter is pretty easy so long as people let the stacks fall off.

    The tank may sometimes go above but deff should be dropping stacks between transitions, if DPS is low and the phases take longer, but the boss doesnt hit particularly hard, ive hotted/bubbled a tank, gone and let stacks fall and been back to heal him with no problem.

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    The problem is that most groups don't move as a group. People remove their stacks at odd times and so you have people behind the rock when you're not, and then you behind the rock when other people aren't. It's all about groups coordinating how they move, even in a PUG.

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