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Thread: Gathering initial agro

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    Gathering initial agro

    Hi Guys / Girls

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    Iíve been tanking on my pally for a few months now, and am doing ok in the majority of HCís and raids. My major issue is gathering starting threat/agro when fighting large groups. If I can get off to a good start then I hold agro till the end of the fight, but Iím really struggling with FoS and PoS with the groups of 5-6.

    In most hcís the groups are standing close together. I always use ret aura, I fire AS which hits 3 off them, HoR the one Iím attacking (or the one that wasnít hit by AS) drop consecration, HotR. As long as dps arenít stupid I have the agro for the rest of the fightÖ easy!

    But now Iím really struggling with FoS and PoS or any groups that are spread far enough apart that AS only hits one target (or is on cooldown.) Iíll run in using HoR but usually before I can get them together to use HotR and consecrate, the other half of the group have run off after the healer or my casters, I then spend the entire fight trying to taunt them all back to me. Meanwhile Iíve probably lost a couple of my group and theyíre all cursing meÖ

    When Iím playing my mage, I regularly watch the tank running into a large group, pull them all into a nice tight group (casters included) and never lose agro.

    Now in FoS, the group of 5 with a Soul Horror in the middle, I have never managed to pull them into a group.

    Can you please tell me your procedure for rounding up big groups like this please!!!!

    Many thanks

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    Many tanks have this problem, especially within these instances. Casters will hit you with spells from a long range, making it hard to gather them all up. The best thing I can suggest for you to do is have dps silence some of the range and put down consecration near the ones you are at.

    Other then that, the best you can do is use Avenging Wrath, AS on the first couple targets, then Lay down Consecration down on the further units, then use Holy Wrath.

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