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Thread: Trinket or Cloak

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    Trinket or Cloak

    The Black Heart vs. Corroded Skeleton Key

    Platinum Mesh Cloak vs. Sentinel's Winter Cloak

    Which is a better upgrade for a bear?

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    Personal opinion says the cloak first, but that's because I'm filled with meh about the on-use effect of the key. Every two minutes I can shave off 3k damage. It's OK, but I would ave liked something more like TBH's Aegis effect, only stronger.

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    Neither, save up for tier 10. You want those set bonuses, the 2pc is just pure covience and the 4pc is an extra cooldown, which can always mean the difference between a wipe or kill. None of the other badge gear can compare to that.

    The black heart is pure freaking win. Even with it's low item level it is still a really solid tanking trinket. The skeleton key hasn't really done to much for me, it's pretty much Brewfest 2.0, albiet with a better proc.

    The cloak on the otherhand.... is really solid. That's a ton of armor for a cloak. The Platinum Mesh Cloak is kinda so-so, so that would be a good upgrade.

    TL : DR Tier 10 > Cloak > Trinket

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    What liquid said.

    ALL BEARS SHOULD NOT BUY ANYTHING UNTIL THEY HAVE 4PC! (minus chest which will be the boe chest)

    after that it should go cloak idol and trinket last.

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    firstly: Corroded Skeleton Key is bad

    yes, I'll say it again. BAD. Ok so you get 58 more stam than a brewfest trinket, and a very fail on-use effect (what was the last time you were overkilled by only 3.2k? i mean really?). For something that's iLVL264 that's pathetic. I'll keep my glyph of indomitability / Heart of Iron combo over that any day. As bears we already sit at 50+k hp in raids, this is quite sufficient for all fights so far (maybe festergut 25 more would be good idk, not there yet), and more avoidance/mitigation would be nice.

    As for cloak: it's good, but unfortunately green armor doesn't get multiplied in bear form (the base does, the additional doesn't). I mean it's still nice but I would most likely go for tier pieces first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halrloprillalar View Post
    what was the last time you were overkilled by only 500, 1000, 1500? i mean really?).

    A LOT, you would be extremely surprised even in the days of bosses hitting for 30-50K a swing it still happens more than you would care to acknowledge

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    If you are only getting overkilled by <3k then I suppose it's fine (or get more/better healers)

    However, if you get a 3.2k damage bubble it will be gone in one hit and probably won't save you if the hit is a 30k and you're sitting at 25 (e.g. Festergut at a whole bunch of stacks, or marrow's Saber lash with one dead OT). Whereas an 8% dodge increase is an 8% chance more that you will not get hit by it, and thus survive. Satrina's is also better because you will have an extra 4k hp which will be useful more than once, since you will almost certainly get hit >1 in 20s.

    Don't get me wrong, if you are desperate to increase your HP and have frost badges to kill, go ahead. It just won't be in my top 5 to get.
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