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Thread: I pull to much threat

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    I pull to much threat

    Well I had tanked from lvl 1-69 once I hit 70 I picked up duel spec and started just que as dps that away I can run some quest get some cash and dps a little.

    So I started running random instances and it seems like every group I die 5 to 6 times per run because I pull off the tank even after waiting.

    Last night I had myself at 1k to 1.4k on dps at lvl 71 I know this isnt greatest but still doing good. Except I was pulling of a dk then a druid almost every pull and dying, their tps was only about 500 as when I tank i can push over 1k tps.

    I really like the dps but I hate the dying. Should I switch to a fury build ? right now im using kind of a pvp arms build. Should I wait long before going in.

    Please throught out some ideas for me thank you.

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    Stop dpsing in protective stance O.o

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    Watch your threat and start auto-swinging when you get close. If there is a marked target, hit it. If not, set the tank as your focus and attack his(her) target.
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    Omen + pay attention = win. Only hit the target the tank is on and if you get close to his threat switch to something else for a bit and come back

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