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Thread: What does your guild status mean to others?

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    What does your guild status mean to others?

    This is a thread designed to express personnel opinion on what these types should truely mean compaired to the stigma's attached to said title. Understand that the over all opinions are not my own but instead what generally you hear in conversations, as well as forum and trade chat conversations.

    I have included my own person views of what I believe these titles should mean but bare in mind that there are always guilds out there that lead to the bad reputations based on the titles they catigorize themselves as well as great guilds who hold true to what they should mean.

    This is however not an explanation on what I personnel see your current guilds as being so don't take offense but instead form intelligent conversation with your own personnel opinions on what you think each title means to you.

    PO - Personnel Opinion on what I think it mean when constructing my guilds as well as seeing them advertised.
    OO - Overall Opinion - What's seen and expected from now and even Pre-BC when a guild is associated with these titles.

    Casual Raiding Guilds
    OO - A 10 Man consistant raiding guild or A group of friends and family who gather once in awhile to attempt a raid or dungeon but ultimately spends to much time on the friendships and outside raiding aspects of the game to sustain a consistant raiding roster of 25 individuals. These guilds spend more time working on personnel relationships rather then skill developement unless dedicated to a 10 man raiding group at which time focuses only on those same 10 individuals.

    PO - A guild that incooperates not just a single aspect of the game but the communitive aspect as well who focuses on dedicated progression a short number of days and times each week (usually consistanting no more then 3 nights 3 to 4 hours a day) and allowing room for less dedicated individuals to occationally enjoy the content currently being explored so long as it doesn't interfer with current progression. They're recruitment consists of hard driven values of their players but leaves room for those not dedicated just for the raiding aspect.

    Hard Core Raiding Guilds
    OO - A 25 man raiding guild who's focus is directly involved around progression whenever online. These individuals spend their intire focus directly on raid progression and hold everything else to second only after progression is made inbetween new content arrival. These guilds are primarily the only basis for real progression without the constant wipes. Raiding consists of 6 to 7 days a week grind fest that you have to maintain 90% attendance or your kicked. Also if person B beats me in DPS output or my computer lags up one week and I die accidentally, I'll get kicked from their guild.

    PO - Dedicated individuals focused on obtaining a specific goal raiding and content exploration. These individuals raid anywhere from 4 to 5 days a week averaging generally about 4 hours a day and strive to ultimately be the best they can be as a collective. These individuals have members both for standbye to insure a full group as well as non raiders to continue socializing and cutting lose after a hard days grind. Their recruitment is generally a bit more strict then casual raiding guilds given the dedication neccessary for the content exploration in the time frames they are striving for. But holds the understanding that not every night is going to be perfect and makes room for understandable mishaps.

    Leveling Guilds
    OO - Guilds who invite anyone and everyone at the drop of a hat and can't maintain anything but a poor reputation given the fact they have no real leadership or control of their players. These guilds generally last only so long as the GM or officers get some advantage and soon find leadership changes quickly and people coming and going at a drop of a hat. Also use things like how many bank tabs they have or the fact they have a tabard as primary recruitment tools.

    PO - Guilds that strive to enjoy more of the personnel communitive aspects of the game for friends and family members as well as future members. They strive to insure that all aspects of the game are enjoyed even raiding on occation but not on a dedicated basis. Events are up for anyone and everyone to enjoy at their available times when Real Life permits and strives to allow anyone and everyone in their community to experience the various wonders of the games they play.

    PVP Guilds
    OO - individuals with either little dedication other then self gratification or overly dedicated individuals focused on showing everyone their group is better then anyone else. Bad attitudes generally desolving into poor guild committment whether with each other or with there servers. These individuals strive to create havic with members of the oposite faction intentionally bent on stirring drama.

    PO - Individuals gathered as a group to accomplish the PVP aspects of the game successfully. Though some dubbing into the raiding world from time to time or on a regular basis their love and enjoyment is derived from the PVP world. These individuals strive to teach, train, and learn what each other can do to help make there PVP experience successful and cooperative to include even forming off faction alliances to reach achievements and scheduled events in the world as well as arena and battlegrounds.

    Anyways long winded I know lol but lets stir up some debate here and let us all know here what you think of these.
    Do you hear these OO as well?
    Do you agree with the PO's I've listed?
    Do you find your guild falling under one of these and what do you think would improve these steriotypes?
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    Well, on the PVP guild aspect I'd find many of the cases to be the OO. One good pvp guild my server had in BC was Hit List. Gold would be paid to have someone ganked somewhere in the world. You could even summon a like-faction person to the various arenas and drop them from group to kill them. They had some great videos.

    Then you have the other one, which is still alive somehow. World Defense Channel. Total absolute trash. You have 80's coming in with season 2 shoulders. And if you ever invite one to a pug raid or VOA, expect them to fail every time because they do.

    One of the things to mention is the casual-casual guild. They raid a little, but don't get far, they have a large member base. And generally you can pick them out in the crowd of people you won't invite to pug raids. I know a few on my server that if you do invite someone with their tag over their head you might as well 9 or 24 man it.
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    just don't let them melee you up the bum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warsreign View Post
    Also use things like how many bank tabs they have or the fact they have a tabard as primary recruitment tools.
    ^^ This. OMG, this! LOL!

    My guild was originally a leveling guild, that later turned casual raiding. I always imagined that back in the day when we were a leveling guild, if there were bank tabs, we'd have been all "WE R HAVE 2 TABS AND A C00L TABARD! JOIN NAO PL0X!"

    I think there's truth to both your "OO" and "PO" for each guild type. There's enough guilds that fit the OO to support the stereotypes, which is why those stereotypes exist in the first place, but by no means do all guilds with those various labels match said stereotypes.

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